The Magicians: 5 Biggest Questions After The Season 4 Finale

Syfy aired The Magicians season 4 finale, "No Better To Be Safe Than Sorry", and there are several lingering questions as we wait for season 5.

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The ending of The Magicians season 4 finale episode, "No Better To Be Safe Than Sorry" (which itself is a reference to the song "Take On Me"), left viewers reeling - but it also left fans with several questions going into The Magicians season 5. Over the years, Syfy's The Magicians has established itself as a convention-breaking fantasy TV series that takes great leaps in genre storytelling and a production that leaves nothing on the table. That very much remained true with the season 4 finale.

With Jason Ralph's Quentin Coldwater dying and moving on from the Underworld in the season 4 finale, The Magicians has succeeded in doing what most TV shows wouldn't even dare to consider: kill off its main character. But rather than just have Quentin die and move on, The Magicians wanted him to question his death - was it a sacrifice or suicide - and they wanted audiences to feel the emotional weight of it, hence why they wrapped up the season with a heartfelt wake in his honor.

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But so much more happened in The Magicians season 4 finale than just Quentin dying, and most of those plot points and threads will be explored in The Magicians season 5 - in addition to, of course, the core characters dealing with the loss of one of their best friends. That leaves viewers with plenty of questions after The Magicians season 4 finale, many of which most likely won't be answered until well into The Magicians season 5.

Is Quentin Coming Back In The Magicians Season 5?

Right off the bat, one of the biggest questions on fans' minds is, is Quentin coming back in The Magicians season 5? Given that characters have returned from the dead before, as well as the fact that The Magicians is about magic, it seemed likely that Quentin could somehow be resurrected or at least operate alongside Penny-40. But, unfortunately, hoping for Quentin's return is futile, as executive producers Sera Gamble, John McNamara, and Henry Alonso Myers, as well as Jason Ralph himself, have confirmed that Quentin is, in fact, gone. He took the metro out of the Underworld. Ralph won't be returning in The Magicians season 5, but that doesn't mean his story is over. We'll just have to see what the producers mean by Quentin's story continuing in all the other characters.

Who Is The Dark King?

After Eliot and Margo return to Fillory, it's revealed that 300 years (!) have passed and that someone named the Dark King is currently running things. So just who is the Dark King exactly, and has he been ruling all this time? What happened that Josh and Fen had to be overthrown? All eyes may be on Quentin (and perhaps even Julia), but there's still something big going on in Fillory in The Magicians season 4 finale that needs to be addressed.

Are The Old Gods Going To Be The New Villains?

On that note, The Magicians has been setting up a clash between the series' main characters and the Old Gods for quite some time now. With the Monster and his unnamed sister having been banished into the Seam, the obvious next step in terms of villains is having our heroes take on the Old Gods. Of course, it's implied in the season 4 finale that the Old Gods don't care much for humans. But then again, the Monster DID kill quite a few gods throughout season 4. The Old Gods surely won't let that go.

Will Magicians & Hedges Work Together From Now On?

Mageina Tovah in The Magicians Season 4 SYFY

Despite being at odds for years, the magicians worked together with the hedge witches for the first time ever. Every magic-powered person in the world aided our heroes in defeating the monsters. So does this mean they'll put the past behind them and work together going forward? The Library is changing, so why can't they change as well? Hopefully, brighter times lie ahead for everyone when The Magicians season 5 rolls around.

Is Julia Going To Become A Goddess?

Julia's story arc throughout season 4 has been about her godhood. But in order to save her life, Penny-23 chose to make her human, thereby taking away her ability to do magic. However, that didn't necessarily happen, as Julia discovered she could still do magic the same way that Quentin first discovered the ability in the pilot episode. So does that mean she's on her way to becoming a goddess?

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