Syfy's The Magicians Gets a New Season 2 Trailer

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Syfy has stepped up its original programming game in recent years. While the network used to just have a few beloved programs among their well-known reruns -- most notably Battlestar Galactica -- under the ownership of NBC Universal the channel has begun to expand its horizons. Syfy is still determined to live up to its name, though, with much of their original programming still falling well within the realm of sci-fi/fantasy. Recent addition The Magicians, which concluded season 1 back in April, is no exception -- and things are only going to get more fantastical in season 2.

While most of The Magicians' first season took place in a universe not unlike our own (save for the existence of magic), the second season is poised to focus on Fillory, a magical land that viewers got to glimpse at the end of season 1. It looks like season 2 will continue where the first left off, following most of the young protagonists as they navigate the unknown world in which they've been stranded. Though we previously didn't know much about what to expect from The Magicians' sophomore season, it looks like we're finally getting some clues, in the form of a revelatory trailer.

Syfy released a trailer for the show's second season that highlights darker themes. "This is no fantasy," the promo warns, while offering a look at Fillory and the new goings-on at magical school Brakebills. You can check out the new trailer, above.

The Magicians season one cast attempts a summoning

It looks like this season will see its young protagonists charged with the care of Fillory, as its new regents. And, of course, they still have to deal with season 1 antagonist the Beast. Though this trailer has its playful moments, it's fairly intense on the whole, and its chilling imagery combined with that haunting rendition of "A-Hunting We Will Go" is enough to send shivers up your spine.

As the The Magicians enjoyed moderate success in its first season, we can only hope that the second will offer more of the same inventive adaptation while improving on some of the show's weaknesses. This trailer does look to promise some action, but it also seems to indicate quite a few dialogue-heavy scenes, the latter of which could move the plot along nicely.

In the end, there's reason to be hopeful this second season will expand on the imaginative universe built in season 1 while improving upon what's come before. No matter what, though, The Magicians is sure to provide fans with the same fascinating visuals and entertaining dynamics it established at its start.

The Magicians season 2 premieres on Jan. 25, 2017 on Syfy at 9pm.

Source: Syfy

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