Magic: The Gathering: The 10 Most Powerful Planeswalkers, Ranked

When it comes to Magic: The Gathering, the Planeswalkers are among the strongest beings. But which one can be considered the strongest?

Much to the surprise and excitement of fans around the world, Netflix announced that one of their forthcoming animated shows would be an adaptation of the trading card game phenomenon that is Magic: The Gathering. Based on the Planeswalker stories and mythology, the streaming service’s latest series got fans wondering who among the series’ vast rosters would show up or not.

In the cards’ lore, Planeswalkers are the Magic world’s equivalent of heroes and villains who wield magic abilities bestowed unto them by the Spark. Their most defining power is Planeswalking, which allows users to move across the Multiverse’s infinite realms. From knights to mages to creatures beyond human understanding, here are the 10 Planeswalkers we consider to be the most powerful.

10 Jace Beleren

The reserved yet intelligent Jace Beleren is one of the best Planeswalkers around, predictably making him one of the Magic’s faces and its male demographics’ go-to surrogate character. What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up for in outsmarting enemies by using clairvoyance, illusion, and telepathy – mental magic which he learned by himself.

Though a skilled founding member of Gatewatch, he’s often depicted as a punching bag in the series’ lore. Still, this doesn’t diminish his heroic potential and the fact that he’s one of the Multiverse’s most powerful magic-wielders.

9 Urza Planeswalker

Fondly referred to as the Batman of the Magic universe by his fans, the artificer Urza is one of the oldest Planeswalkers in the Multiverse and has spent millennia waging a one-man war against the hellish biomechanical realm of Phyrexia.

Urza is known for at one point being a talking severed head and creating the sentient, time-traveling silver golem Karn, who later became the hero of his own story. Though it ended with his death, Urza’s campaign against the Phyrexia finally saw its end when he successfully defeated them using the ancient Legacy Weapon.

8 The Wanderer

Beyond her swordsmanship skills that allows her to defeat stronger enemies in a single stroke, The Wanderer stands atop the Multiverse’s assassins and swordsmen because of her peculiar ability to effortlessly Planeswalk between worlds.

Planeswalking drains even the strongest walker’s strength and stamina, but The Wanderer can waltz from plane to plane without breaking a sweat. The only drawback is that losing focus would drop her in a random plane.  The Wanderer isn’t higher up in this list because the full extent of her powers remains unknown, as she disappears after a fight just as suddenly as she arrives.

7 Vraska

Born among the oppressed Golgari, Vraska’s hard life under the rule of the Azorius hardened her and turned her into the feared assassin she is today. With a loyal following at her beck and call, Vraska exacted bloody vengeance on the oppressive Azorius when she returned to her homeland.

Her actions turned her into an urban legend among the Golgari, with word of her feared brand of justice spreading across the realms. She has since widened her ambitions, expanding her goals from vigilante justice to achieving regime change by killing the corrupt system from the inside out.

6 Chandra Nalaar

While she may not possess cosmic powers that rival gods, few can best the Kaladeshi pyromancer in terms of raw power. A member of the Gatewatch, Chandra unleashed the full potential of her flames when she incinerated two ancient Eldrazi Titans.

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Chandra is also the closest Planeswalker that Magic has to a flagship character, with her being used in most promotional material since her debut in 2007. She even appeared in the teaser image for Netflix’s upcoming Magic: The Gathering series, leading many to believe that the fan-favorite could be the show’s protagonist.

5 Elspeth Tirel

After escaping her Phyrexia-dominated realm, Elspeth trained herself to be a knight of Bant. With her newfound skills and Planeswalking abilities, Elspeth made it her mission to wipe out all of the Phyrexia from the Multiverse.

Known for her unwavering sense of justice and an incredibly tragic backstory, Elspeth possessed immense power fueled by white mana that scared even the gods. She may have been killed by the god Heliod, but her return from the afterlife seems all but inevitable – if the Magic authors are to be believed, that is.

4 Liliana Vess

Not only is Liliana Vess an intimidating necromancer who draws her powers from the darkest realms, but she’s also an immortal temptress who struck a deal with four demons to gain eternal youth and power.

With the legendary Chain Veil, her already formidable black magic was further amplified to the point where she was able to kill the demons she made a deal with. The fact that she’s technically one of the more villainous Planeswalkers hasn’t diminished her popularity in any way, and she’s remained a favorite among players since her debut in 2007.

3 Nicol Bolas

Dragons aren’t anything new in Magic, but Nicol Bolas is both the oldest and most powerful of his kind, effectively making him a god amongst Planeswalkers. Being godlike wasn’t enough, and the dragon set out to harvest all the Planeswalkers’ Sparks to strengthen his already immense might.

His destructive conquest only ended after all the Multiverse’s Planeswalkers united to stop him, and even then they only won through luck and fate. It should be noted that Bolas can’t be killed, and taking away his powers while sparing his life was the only way to stop him for good.

2 Ugin, The Spirit Dragon

Brother to Nicol Bolas, Ugin is the elder dragon’s more benevolent twin sibling.  Despite his godlike capabilities and age, Ugin views his Planeswalking powers as a blessing that should be used to protect and uphold the Multiverse.

Even death couldn’t stop him, with his supposed demise only unleashing his second and stronger form as a spirit dragon. While Nicol Bolas harvested his magic, Ugin’s immeasurable raw strength is natural and was more than enough to ultimately exile his power-hungry brother into the Meditation Realm for the rest of his mortal life.

1 Ashiok

Of all the Planeswalkers, Ashiok is both the most incomprehensible and powerful. To this day, no one knows anything about Ashiok’s past or identity. The only available information is the fact that the Planeswalker was once a human magic-wielder who is now essentially a being made of pure nightmares.

Strengthened by people’s fears, Ashiok’s goal was to birth a god from the collective nightmares and insecurities of Theros’ populace. The plan was stopped, but this only seemed to be a minor inconvenience for the indescribable horror that is Ashiok – who, by the way, is still freely roaming the Multiverse.

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