• The Russo Brothers' SDCC panel wasn't all Avengers talk. There was also mention of their upcoming Magic: The Gathering Netflix series. 1 / 8

    Netflix Magic the Gathering Vertical
  • The Russo Brothers, self-confessed Magic: The Gathering fans, noted the potential of their upcoming series to have a live-action spinoff. 2 / 8

  • Joe Russo also hinted that the Magic: The Gathering Netflix series would focus heavily on Chandra and Jace, two recognizable Planeswalkers. 3 / 8

    Magic The Gathering Serra Vertical
  • With the series appearing at this stage to have a heavy focus on characters dear to the Magic IP, a live-action spinoff seems perfect. 4 / 8

    Magic The Gathering Nicol Bolas God Dragon Vertical
  • Another highly-anticipated live-action take on a video game is the upcoming Witcher series. What better time for Magic to explore the same? 5 / 8

    Magic the Gathering Liliana Necromancer Vertical TLDR
  • Unfortunately, the Russo Brothers' comments indicate that a live-action spinoff is still only a possibility at this point. 6 / 8

    Magic the Gathering Hogaak Vertical
  • That being said, the fact that they're looking beyond this Netflix series is a nice show of confidence in the longevity of the Magic IP. 7 / 8

    Magic The Gathering Finale of Glory Vertical
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