Magic: The Gathering Netflix Series Could Get a Live-Action Spinoff

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The Russo Brothers were enthusiastic about the possibility of their upcoming Magic: The Gathering Netflix show having a live-action spinoff one day. While a large part of their San Diego Comic-Con panel was focused on Avengers: Endgame, the two were vocal about their passion for Magic and the fact that the Netflix series may well be just the beginning.

The Magic: The Gathering Netflix animated series was announced earlier this year, with the Russo Brothers confirmed as producers last month. As a property, Magic hasn't had much success on the television or movie front so the news that the IP had been picked up by Netflix was welcomed by fans. Both Anthony and Joe described the upcoming show as a "true passion project" for them, and it was confirmed that the narrative arc of the project would be focused on the Planeswalkers that have dominated Magic lore for as long as people can remember.

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At their SDCC panel, the Russo Brothers were positive about the fact that the Magic: The Gathering Netflix show had the potential to branch off into future projects. Deadline reported that the duo was enthusiastic about the future of the IP, noting specifically that "it's an animated project with the potential to spin it off into live-action." There was also a mention of Jace Beleren and Chandra Nalaar featuring heavily in the upcoming series, with Joe Russo noting that fans who loved either of the characters should "get excited."

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A live-action spinoff of the Magic: The Gathering Netflix series sounds incredibly appealing, particularly given the art direction of the franchise lately. With a resurgence in recent years of video game properties receiving media spinoffs and adaptations of this nature, including the highly-anticipated The Witcher show starring Henry Cavill, the market is ripe for this sort of exploration. With Magic steadily gaining more mainstream popularity, not limited to expansions into esports and its changes to the pro league, the sky appears to be the limit for what the franchise can accomplish.

Focusing the story on tentpole characters like Chandra and Jace is a smart move; these Planeswalkers are beloved to existing Magic fans, and the franchise has done extremely well in writing memorable characters to date. On top of that, the pair also have instantly recognizable designs that will undoubtedly translate well to the animated blend of horror and drama that Octopie CEO Isaac Krauss said would be on the books for the series. While there still isn't a firm premiere date yet, the fact that its producers are already considering ideas like this live-action spinoff is definitely a positive, and a sign of confidence in the future strength of the IP.

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Source: Deadline

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