The Ultimate Magic: The Gathering Gift Guide

Magic: The Gathering is one of the few collectible card games to span multiple generations and forms of media. What started as a complex and layered card game in 1993 turned into a merchandise smorgasbord. From an upcoming Netflix show to a highly-successful digital iteration, there is no stopping this behemoth. Clearly, the hype-train isn't ending soon.

So whether you're looking to satiate the MTG initiate with a few starter decks, or appease the Magic aficionado with a new book based on the Multiverse lore, look no further. Here are 10 MTG gifts for fans of the franchise.

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10 Core Set 2020 Starter Deck


While there are many formats (read: rule sets) to choose from when playing this tradition card game, the aptly named 'Standard' is the best place to start. As noted in the main MTG website, Standard is "a dynamic format where you build decks and play using cards in your collection from recently released Magic sets." (source) Beginning there is your best bet, as it is a popular format at tournaments and game stores alike.

A popular Starter Deck is of Chandra, a fiery Planeswalker and inhabitant of the deep Multiverse. Her deck is of the red variety, focusing on causing major damage through spells and creatures. Since this is only one of the five colors used in magic, take note that there are other Core Set 2020 Starter Decks for other color variations! You can even mix and match different colors for a plethora of playstyles. This deck comes with a pre-built 60 card deck and a Core Set 2020 15-card starter back to kickstart someone's new Magic collection.

9 Core Set 2020 Booster Box


Perhaps you are trying to win some brownie points with a particular someone. This gift is perfect for all Magic fans, as it contains a whopping 540 cards divided between 36 sealed booster packs. These cards are randomly selected, so do know that it is rather common to get duplicates. While random, each pack contains one Rare or Mythic Rare.

Since this is the newest set, being that of the Core Set 2020, these cards are ripe for the official Standard format. If you are hoping to gather a few friends to play magic on equal playing fields (no more unstoppable blue counter decks...) a Booster Box is your best bet. Divided amongst up to 12 friends, you can each "draft" a few packs together, resulting in a completely new experience each Booster Box!

8 Core Set 2020 Bundle | 10 Booster Packs


While smaller in scale when compared to the Booster Box, the 2020 Bundle is a more intimate package designed to provide deeper value for all types of players. Each Bundle contains 10 Core Set 2020 Booster Packs, 20 basic lands, 20 foil lands, an alternate art foil rare, a large Spindown life counter, and a box to store all of your cards in!

While they surely won't collect every card in the set with just 10 Booster Packs, they will appreciate the extra space to store their cards, along with all of the other treats this bundle has to offer.

7 The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Zendikar


Although the focus of a card game is on the text and rules, the atmosphere is directly derived from the art. Magic: The Gathering has gorgeous and luscious art that varies per color it represents, per plane (dimensions), and even per artist.

What is amazing is how cohesive each plane is per set when drawn by these amazing artists. A popular plane that keeps popping up in the lore of Magic is Zendikar. With over 280 pages of content, this art book contains not only gorgeous upscaled images from the titular card game but also stories and facts about the land and its people. For those hoping to dive into the world of Magic one plane at a time, Zendikar is a great start with its mixture of lush greens and otherworldly towering monstrosities.

6 Magic: The Gathering: Rise of the Gatewatch


A book that reminisces on the past of Magic: The Gathering and its 25+ years of amazing art, lore, and immersive nature. A glimpse into the creative minds and art that house one of the most memorable card games of our time.

A nostalgic trip down memory lane for those looking to catch up with many Magic art designs that started it all. Rise of the Gatewatch focuses on the titular Gatewatch, a group of Planeswalkers that have sworn to protect the Multiverse. Your favorite original Planeswalkers are here, from the element-driven Nissa to the demonic beauty, Liliana. This book includes a litany of alternate art designs, convention-exclusives, and even game designer dialogue sprinkled throughout.

5 Dungeons & Dragons Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica 


Dungeons & Dragons is a long-running role-playing game franchise that has recently seen an explosive shift in popularity. Shows and movies frequently reference it, with Alien and Stranger Things both receiving the DnD treatment in the future.

Along the same road treads Magic: The Gathering. Owned by the same company, Wizards of the Coast finally decided to dip their hands into both franchises at the same time. And it was well worth the wait! Dungeons & Dragons Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica satiates the needs for both fan groups. From the get-go, your friends will be able to adventure in Ravnica with pre-written quests that you can edit. From the almost 80 new monsters taken from Magic to the 5 new classes, there is a heavy focus on believable world-design.

4 Ultra Pro Playmat


When sitting down with more veteran Magic: The Gathering players, you might be able to spot a difference: their setup. You might see a gorgeous playmat with their favorite Magic art on it, or perhaps a few deck boxes. These next few entries focus on the accessories that help you feel comfortable while decimating your opponent's deck with glee.

When setting up to go against your next opponent, a playmat is essential to keep your cards from flying around. Included is a card placement guide to keep things feeling uniform, along with a turn phase guide (everyone forgets sometimes!) on the upper left. The nonstick bottom of the mat keeps your hands from sloshing the mat and cards around like a drunken sailor, while the top of the mat is soft and comfy for your wrists. That's a win-win. If you aren't feeling the black Ultra Pro Playmat,  click here for an expansive list of mats including favorite Planeswalkers, creatures, and more.

3 Ultra Pro Satin Tower Deck Box (Black)


No matter the setting, a deck box is the easiest way to bring along your favorite decks and valuable cards to trade. The only issue is how weak many deck boxes are, and reasonably so. Cheap and effective, plastic deck boxes are great for throwing around, as long as you aren't too worried about your cards. But for a few bucks more, why not score a hard-shelled box that holds more cards and prevents any worries? Ultra Pro's Satin Tower Deck Box holds 100 double-sleeved magic cards and has a small tray underneath to stash all of your life counters and coins.

And although the listed link is for a black case, there are multiple colors and styles to choose from, so be sure to pick your friend's favorite color!

2 Ultimate Guard 200 Card Deck Case (White)


Perhaps your Magic-loving friend already has a fancy deck box. And at this point, you're just looking to blow their mind.

Enter scene: this gargantuan deck case. Yes, not a deck box, but a deck case. This beast of a case holds 200 double-sleeved cards via two removable card trays, a removable dice tray, and a durable outside mesh that is both soft to the touch and anti-slip. A perfect gift for those who want to maximize storage while keeping everything safe and sound in style.

1 War of the Sparks: Ravnica 

It doesn't hurt to create books that help expand on the already expansive universe these franchises encompass. A great Magic: The Gathering book to get into is War of the Sparks: Ravnica.

With a warring battle in Ravnica, the Planeswalker Teyo Verada must find a way to stop the voracious Elder Dragon, Nicol Bolas. But he is not alone, as other Planeswalkers have been summoned to the same realm, ready to stop Nicol Bolas, even if this entire scenario reeks of being a trap. This is part one in the War of the Sparks series, with the second book currently available for preorder.

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