In 2012, director Steven Soderbergh teamed up with Channing Tatum to take a look into the world of male strip clubs in Magic Mike, a film that was based in part on Tatum’s real-life experiences as a stripper. For obvious reasons, many moviegoers feared that the project would be nothing more than some eye candy, but with talented people working behind and in front of the cameras, the movie ended up being a surprise critical and box office hit.

As is the case with Hollywood, the success of Magic Mike led to a sequel being green lit, called Magic Mike XXL. Even though Soderbergh is no longer in the director’s chair (a seat being filled by Gregory Jacobs) and certain all-star cast members won’t be returning for this go-around, hopes are high that the sequel can deliver on the momentum of the first. The basic plot involves Mike (Tatum) and his best pals going on a road trip to a stripper convention, and the filmmakers are promising the experience will be “very different” from the last time.

With Magic Mike XXL scheduled to hit theaters this July, Warner Bros. is now starting up the marketing machine for the film. Tatum himself unveiled the first bit of promotional material, tweeting out a poster and hinting that a trailer is just around the corner:

Tatum’s recommendation that viewers tune into The Ellen Degeneres Show tomorrow would be a strong indicator that it is there that fans will get to see the first look at what we have in store this summer. Now would be a better time than ever to start raising awareness, since we have just over five months before its theatrical premiere.

As for the poster, there isn’t all that much to say. It is the dictionary definition of a teaser one-sheet, just showing Mike dancing and telling audiences the movie’s release date (in a strategically placed part of the poster, of course). That’s not to say it’s inherently a bad poster. It gets the job done, and with a trailer on the horizon, we don’t need this to set up the stakes for us.

magic mike 2 details tatum Magic Mike XXL Poster Revealed; Trailer Now Avaliable [Updated]

Much like how the first Magic Mike film had to overcome seemingly negative expectations, the sequel could be facing a similar uphill climb. While there will be a large section of moviegoers interested in returning to the world, Magic Mike was essentially a standalone film, and not every one of those needs to spawn a franchise – regardless of how much fun the initial go-around was.

Time will tell, of course, but signs are pointing towards Magic Mike XXL being an exception to that rule. While Soderbergh is no longer calling the shots, he did serve as cinematographer and editor, and Jacobs was Soderbergh’s longtime assistant director before being tasked with helming the sequel. Furthermore, the convention angle is something Tatum wanted to include in the first film, before Soderbergh convinced him that there was enough material for that to support its own project. Simply put, a number of the creative people that were behind the last movie have been enthused about this narrative for some time, so ideally the passion and heart will be there.

Magic Mike XXL will be in theaters July 1, 2015.

Source: Channing Tatum

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