Magic: The Gathering SDCC Exclusive Dragon's Endgame Cards Revealed

Wizards of the Coast unveiled Dragon’s Endgame, a Magic: The Gathering exclusive set available only at San Diego Comic-Con.  SDCC exclusives like this set are always among the most anticipated collector's items of the summer.

Wizards of the Coast first released an SDCC exclusive Magic set in 2013, and since then, they’ve been a regular occurrence. Until this year, each set has been made up entirely of Planeswalkers, powerful cards that represent entities as strong as the players themselves. These exclusive sets are only available at the Wizards of the Coast booth in the SDCC exhibition hall, and collectors wait in line for hours for their chance to take one home.

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According to a press release, Dragon’s Endgame will include four God-Eternals and the Dragon-God Nicol Bolas from the recently-launched War of the Spark set, each featuring exclusive artwork by illustrator Adam Paquette. Each card’s art has a stylized shadow overlay, making the set stand out even when compared to previous years’ offerings. The set’s packaging is designed to serve as its display, as exclusives like these generally aren’t used in everyday play. Dragon’s Endgame will cost $99.00 plus tax and only be available at this year’s SDCC, running July 18-21.

War of the Spark is the culmination of the story arc of Nicol Bolas, a Planeswalker dragon that first appeared in the Legends expansion in 1994. He has since developed into one of the most popular Planeswalkers and a main Magic: The Gathering antagonist. The four included God-Eternals, Rhonas, Bontu, Kefnet and Oketra, are dead gods raised as zombies to serve Bolas in his war against a group of Planeswalkers known as the Gatewatch. This war has been the focus of ten recent Magic: The Gathering expansions, beginning in 2016’s Kaladash set. War of the Spark brings together 36 Planeswalkers from all over the Magic: The Gathering multiverse to put an end to this world-spanning conflict.

Since War of the Spark will probably be the last in-game appearance of Nicol Bolas, at least for a while, it’s likely that Dragon’s Endgame will be a hot commodity. SDCC passes can be hard to come by, and, once you’re in, getting your hands on these exclusives takes luck and persistence. If you don’t manage to snag a set in San Diego, expect a significant mark-up to buy it from a reseller—last year’s SDCC exclusive set is currently going for more than $250, and the limited-run War of the Sparks Mythic Edition is now selling for more than $750.

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