EXCLUSIVE: Magic Arena's Ixalan Plane-Cation Rewards Unhinged Mountain

Magic Arena Plane-Cation

The next stop on the Magic Arena Plane-Cation event will be Ixalan, where players can participate in a Treasure Constructed event that will eventually reward them with the full-art Unhinged Mountain basic land art for their cosmetic collection on the platform. The Plane-Cation event recently awarded players with the Unhinged full-art Forest after participating in the Ravnica-themed spin on play, and represented a much different spin on the Chronicles events than fans previously experienced in War of the Spark.

While the War of the Spark Chronicles events on Magic Arena were popular and awarded stained-glass planeswalker art that remains a highly-represented cosmetic choice among players, there were some concerns over burnout. The events required a high amount of wins from players before they received the awards they were playing for and, since they were run frequently, that led to a response Wizards of the Coast is looking to avoid with the Plane-Cation event. As a result, the Magic Arena Plane-Cation event requires much less from players, and is meant to be a break from other play modes that just so happens to award a really nice full-art cosmetic rather than something that feels like an obligation.

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The next Magic Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles event will take place on the plane of Ixalan, renowned for its tribal synergies with popular creature types like Dinosaurs, Vampires, and Merfolk. The event will not track losses and will instead allow players to reach the maximum amount of six wins without needing to start over, and will award a full-art Unhinged Mountain cosmetic for those who complete it. The Ixalan Plane-Cation event will be called Treasure Constructed, which will grant players a free Treasure token at the beginning of each turn. Jay Parker, Principal Game Designer for Magic Arena, elaborated on what he expects will emerge out of the format, which runs beginning this Sunday, August 4, at 8AM PT and ends the following Tuesday at 11AM PT:

"In Ixalan we're running Treasure Constructed, where players get a free Treasure token at the start of each of their turns. This lets decks run a bit faster and splash more easily so it's a great event to try a custom brew or just let the Treasure supercharge your favorite deck."

Magic Arena Plane-Cation Post Card

Naturally, no announcement regarding gorgeous basic land art would be complete without the reveal of what that looks like in-game, so here's a first look at what the Unhinged Mountain will look like once players earn it by cashing in on all the treasure of Ixalan:

Magic Arena Unhinged Mountain Reward

Magic Arena has been slowly rolling out cosmetic options that allow players who've been around the game longer to customize decks to feature artwork they're more fond of. Each of the Plane-Cation events will have an Unhinged full-art land as their top-end prize, and if players happen to miss any of them, they'll be available in the store for gold - not Gems - sometime after the event. Treasure Constructed is exactly the sort of format that appeals to casual players and competitive grinders alike, since it allows for whacky brews to function while also making strong decks much stronger.

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