Magic 8-Ball Adventure Movie On The Way

Magic 8-Ball movie - Screen Rant cartoon

It's okay, you can trust your calendar when it says that this isn't April 1st.

If you thought toys and board games-turned-movies like Battleship, Monopoly, View-Master and Stretch Armstrong were taking things a little too far, think again as a Magic 8-Ball movie is also in the works.

We heard word of a movie based on Mattel's Magic 8-Ball at the beginning of last year. At that time it was reported that the project was once set up as a romantic comedy (seriously?) but for whatever reason that never came to fruition. Now we're hearing word that it will instead be a live-action adventure movie.

Deadline reports that Paramount has extended its relationship with toy maker Mattel - after collaborating on Transformers, GI Joe and the upcoming Max Steel - by optioning Magic 8-Ball for the big-screen. The adventure film will be written by Jon Gunn and John Mann, who wrote the Dreamworks animation film, Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Aliens. The deal has been put in place by Paramount President Adam Goodman and will also be produced by Brad Weston, with Mattel's Tim Kilpin and Barry Waldo exec producing.

There's no details on the plot or even the overall style of the Magic 8-Ball flick other than it's a live-action adventure movie. My assumption when hearing the news was that it will be in the same vein of Jumanji where the characters shake the 8-Ball and whatever comes up will actually happen to them for real. If that's the case, there might need to be some changes in what answers the 8-Ball comes up with to make it fit more into an adventure movie. But that seems like a likely overall story device.

Live-action Magic 8-Ball adventure movie

Is Magic 8-Ball the absolute most ridiculous toy or board game-based movie in the works? No, probably not - and I throw it open to you guys to suggest what is - but it's not far from it I would say. An adventure movie based on the toy is a lot better than the once proposed romantic comedy version (I shudder to even think what form that would have taken) but all I can think of to ask is, "Why, why, why?..."

What are your thoughts on a live-action Magic 8-Ball adventure movie? A ridiculous idea amongst other ridiculous ones or is it actually one of the few toys suited to the big-screen? (If you believe the latter please explain yourself! :P )

Source: Deadline (via Cinematical)

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