Video Interview: Maggie Grace On 'Lockout,' 'Taken' & Luc Besson

Maggie Grace in Lockout

Maggie Grace is familiar with the appeal of an action film spearheaded by writer/producer Luc Besson's (Taken, The Fifth Element) EuropaCorp -- particularly one in which she has been abducted. Her role as the kidnapped daughter of a man (Liam Neeson) who will stop at nothing to retrieve her in Taken propelled the actress onto the world stage more than any of her previous work. Besson's latest actioner Lockout, opens in theaters this weekend (read our review).

We had the opportunity to interview Grace about stepping up her empowerment in Lockout - leading to what, some speculate, will be her turn as an action heroine in Taken 2.

Lockout is set in an imagined future where high-risk prisoners are sent to a maximum security prison in space – and put into hypersleep for the duration of their sentence. The President’s daughter (Grace) travels to the prison on a humanitarian mission when all goes haywire – the prisoners awaken and she finds herself the captive of some very dangerous men. Enter Snow (Guy Pearce), a man who has been wrongly accused of a crime and now has one opportunity to free himself: break into the prison and save the President’s daughter.

We spoke with Grace about why she believes that Besson-produced films appeal to audiences, what it has been like to grow into larger and more empowered roles in Taken, Lockout and now the upcoming Taken 2 - as well as some of the training she has been doing in preparation for these films.

You can watch our interview with Pearce on his roles in Lockout and Prometheus - HERE.

Take a look at our video interview with Maggie Grace on Lockout and Taken below:

Lockout opens in theaters today.

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