A Classic Teen Titan Returns In The Introduction To Flash War

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash Annual #1!

A classic Titan has been restored to the reality of DC Comics Rebirth in The Flash Annual #1. Frances "Frankie" Kane - who joined the team as the magnetism-manipulating Magenta - was revealed to be the latest victim of whatever force altered the memories of the classic Teen Titans line-up and attempted to erase the original Kid Flash from reality.

First introduced during Marv Wolfman's and George Perez's legendary run on The New Teen Titans as a childhood friend of the original Wally West, Frances "Frankie" Kane's powers tragically manifested during a car ride, killing her father and brother. Wally helped Frankie to gain control of her powers and the two began dating for a time when Frankie joined the Teen Titans. Frankie proved ill-suited to the high-pressure life of a superhero, however, leaving the team and Wally before turning to STAR Labs in the hopes of finding a way to remove her powers. Instead, an unscrupulous scientist tortured Frankie, splitting her mind into two personalities, with the darker, rage-driven half taking the name Magenta and seeking revenge on Wally West for pushing her into a life she wasn't ready for.

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The Flash Annual #1 sees Wally West, in a fit of nostalgia, seeking out Frankie Kane to see if she still exists in the new world of Rebirth and, more importantly, if she still remembers him. At first she doesn't recognize Wally but all it takes is a gentle reminder of their childhood together to restore her memories. Unfortunately, it also restores Frankie's "Magenta" personality, her powers and her desire for revenge on Wally West.

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At present time. the original Wally West is something a living anomaly, his status as a refugee from an older universe known only to his uncle Barry Allen (aka The Flash), the second Wally West (aka the current Kid Flash) his friends in The Titans, Superman, the Justice League and Abra Kadabra - the clasic time-traveling, magic-wielding Flash villain. Wally's return to reality kicked off the start of DC Universe Rebirth #1 and Wally's efforts to rekindle his friendships with the old friends who forgot him in Titans Rebirth #1 started the current Titans series. Wally's search for Frankie Kane came in the wake of The Titans recent dissolution by The Justice League, which left Wally feeling more alone than ever.

It's unclear just where this may leave Wally in the wake of the upcoming Flash War event, which promises to introduce even more elements from Wally's time as The Flash from the pre-Flashpoint universe into the modern-day DC Comics Universe.  It's also unclear what connection Flash War will have to Doomsday Clock, which also involves Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan (who was apparently behind The Titans' altered memories and Wally West's imprisonment outside reality) altering the realty of the DC Universe. All that is clear is that Wally West's life is about to become even more complicated than it was before.

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The Flash Annual #1 (2018) is now available from DC Comics.

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