Mafia 3 Trailer: It's a Long Way Down

Mafia 3 E3 Trailer

With 2016's E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in full swing, a flood of new game trailers are hitting the Internet. Among the standouts so far have been the trailers for Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, but with E3 continuing through June 16th there are plenty more trailers to come.

One game making itself known is 2K Games' Mafia 3, a continuation of the retro-themed open-world series started with the first Mafia game back in 2002. The series has traditionally offered a slower-paced approach to the open-world crime genre than the Grand Theft Auto series - and perhaps as a result of that, the Mafia series has never quite reached the same level of popularity. If a new trailer for Mafia 3 is any indication, though, that could change.

The new E3 trailer, which has been released online by 2K Games, offers some hints about Mafia 3's story as well as some looks at the game's action. The trailer opens on what appears to be a U.S. Senate hearing on organized crime, and from there expands out to include arson, gunfights, and explosions. In other words, the sort of things one might expect from an open-world game about organized crime.

Mafia 3 E3 Trailer

Mafia 3 takes place in the fictional city of New Bordeaux, a stand-in for the real life city of New Orleans. The setting is a new one for the series, with the previous Mafia games having taken place in the equally fictional cities of Lost Heaven and Empire Bay. Both those locales drew from more northern cities such as New York and Chicago. With the new location comes some potentially controversial subject matter, too, as the trailer includes one shot from the game that takes place at a Ku Klux Klan rally. It would be hard to have a retro story set in the American South without addressing issues of racism, and it looks like 2K Games will not be pulling their punches in that regard.

The Mafia series has always played second-string to more popular open-world games such as the genre-defining Grand Theft Auto series, but with Mafia 3 it looks like 2K Games is aiming for a top-tier game with high production values, plenty of action, and a unique setting. While the overarching narrative of a one-man war against organized crime might not be particularly unique, it does at least provide a solid backdrop for plenty of cinematic action. If the game can overcome the pacing issues and occasionally lackluster gameplay of its predecessors, it could very well be a must-own when it arrives for PC and consoles this fall.

Mafia 3 is available for pre-order now and will be released for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 7th, 2016.

Source: 2K Games

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