Madea's Boo 2! Beats Blade Runner, Snowman and Geostorm at Box Office

Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween has won a quiet box office weekend as the end of October approaches. The actor-director has now starred as the popular Madea character in nine films, and while the low-budget productions have rarely drawn good reviews, they have consistently made money. Boo 2! arrived at a typically slow time for the box office as its chief competition was Dean Devlin's Geostorm, which could turn out to be a massive flop.

It appears that Lionsgate timed the release of the sequel to Boo! A Madea Halloween perfectly, as it will walk away from its opening weekend as the decisive victor. Other films of varying quality find themselves way behind the economical Perry as Boo 2! can say it almost made back its budget in just three days.

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As reported by Variety on Sunday, Boo 2! raked in about $21.7 million domestically at 2,388 locations. That's only about 25 percent behind the opening of the first Boo! Madea film, and already closing in on its estimated production and marketing budget in the range of $20-25 million. Despite getting mostly eviscerated by critics, as Perry's films historically do, Boo 2! received an A- CinemaScore and appears on track for profitability. The same cannot be said for its competition this weekend.

Geostorm finished in second place with about $13.3 million, which doesn't even cover the $15 million spent on reshoots. Initially costing over $100 million to produce, the Gerard Butler-starring thriller suffered through massive changes after principal photography and is poised to be one of the year's biggest bombs in the wake of a brutal critical reaction. It did, however, earn a reported $36 million internationally. In third place is holdover Happy Death Day, which pulled in $9.4 million after winning the box office in its opening weekend.

Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 continued to drop off the box office radar in its third weekend as it finished in fourth with $7.4 million, and Sony's Only The Brave rounded out the top-5 with just $6 million despite strong reviews. Murder mystery The Snowman, which did not earn critical acclaim, fell below projections with just $3.4 million and looks like an all-around failure for Universal. But the lack of commercial success for Blade Runner 2049 and Only The Brave is proving once again that critical praise is not necessarily a strong indicator of commercial success.

Perry, meanwhile, continues to essentially be critic-proof as Boo 2! A Madea Halloween will almost certainly turn another profit for Lionsgate and Tyler Perry Studios. He may not produce the most critically lauded material, but he has a reliable niche audience and always keeps his budgets tight. Unfortunately for fans of Blade Runner 2049, the sequel's box office disappointment may make studios shy away from handing big budgets to films that aren't truly meant to be blockbusters. But it also means that doomed endeavors like Geostorm may not get made, either.

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Source: Variety

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