Super Bowl LI Prediction: Patriots Win According To Madden NFL 17

Tom Brady Madden Super Bowl 51

This weekend, the NFL season comes to a close when the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons square off in Super Bowl LI. Many moviegoers are interested in which blockbusters will score television spots during the broadcast on Fox, but millions more are curious to see the outcome of the actual game. Both teams are known for their highly-explosive offenses, meaning there could be several points put on the board. Additionally, New England quarterback Tom Brady is attempting to win his fifth Super Bowl, which would be an all-time record.

Sports fans and football analysts have offered their predictions, and now it is Madden NFL's turn to weigh in. The ultra popular video game from EA Sports has simulated the Super Bowl annually since 2004, playing out just one of the many possibilities for Sunday. Those who plan on rooting for New England will be happy to see their 2017 pick, as Madden believes the Patriots will emerge victorious.

EA Sports posted the results of their Super Bowl LI simulation today, and the Patriots won 27-24. Unsurprisingly, Brady received MVP honors, completing 30 of 39 passes for 305 yards and three touchdowns. He sealed the game for New England by leading a scoring drive with under four minutes left in the fourth quarter, when the Falcons led 24-20. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan put up a valiant effort in the loss, throwing for 287 yards and two touchdowns. However, Ryan also had the game's only interception, which probably played a role in the outcome.

Tom Brady Madden Super Bowl 51

In the previous 13 years of Super Bowl predictions, Madden has a 9-4 record (last year they were off the mark) The last time the Patriots advanced to the championship game (two years ago), the simulation was eerily similar to the real life. Not only did New England defeat Seattle by the score of 28-24, Madden also said the team would overcome a 10 point fourth quarter deficit to win. Obviously, this is largely random since anything can happen in sports, but it is interesting to consider Madden is right more often than not. When it comes to New England, their simulations have been off only once in five previous attempts - Super Bowl XLII, when the 18-0 Patriots lost to the heavy underdog New York Giants.

As of this writing, the Patriots are a three point favorite in the Super Bowl, so Madden isn't suggesting anything too outlandish here. They have been one of the more dominant teams in the NFL all year, finishing with a 14-2 record in the regular season. Atlanta is one of the tougher opponents they've faced in the many Super Bowl appearances during the Brady era, but it wouldn't be surprising if they came out on top again and brought another championship to Boston.

Source: EA Sports

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