Mad Men: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Mad Men kept the attention of viewers for seven seasons, all of which were pretty good. But since the show’s final episode aired four years ago, there are some fans that still have a few questions.

Mad Men did a pretty good job of wrapping up its major storylines, but there are just a couple of loose ends that should have been resolved before it was over. Some fans wonder what happened to a few the minor characters on the show, like the mysterious waitress named Diana. Here are some of the other storylines that never saw an ending.

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10 Glen And Vietnam

Glen Bishop talked about being shipped off to Vietnam at the end of the series, but no one knows whether or not he made it out of there alive. He may not have even gone in the first place, since he could have very well decided against it, but that doesn’t seem likely, since he seemed to think that going to Vietnam would make Betty proud of him.

The relationship between Betty and Glen was definitely strange, but wondering whether or not he walked away from Vietnam alive and well is a perfectly reasonable thing for fans to do, since that was a minor part of the series that was never resolved.

9 Don’s Niece

Stephanie, who is the real Don Draper’s niece, leaves Don at a hippie retreat in the final episode of Mad Men and no one really knows where she went, or how her story ended. The fact that she left is not particularly shocking, since she is kind of a flight risk.

During the last episode, Stephanie even talks about how she is being heavily judged by those around her because of the fact that she abandoned her own child. In true Don Draper style, he gives her a bit of a lengthy speech, but she still takes the car and leaves him there. Since that happened in the final episode of the series, fans never got to find out where she went, or whether or not she got her child back.

8 Megan And Her Career

Another big question fans have about Mad Men is whether or not Megan Draper’s dream of becoming a successful actress became reality. Throughout a large part of the time she spent on the show, Megan made it pretty obvious that she wanted to become a star.

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When she decides to pursue her dream, her marriage to Don gets rocky, though he does try to save it. They still split up, and he ends up giving her a rather large check.

She also met with Harry Crane in order to boost her acting career. That is the last time viewers see her, so it’s hard to say if her career ever took off.

7 Henry Francis

Another part of Mad Men that went unresolved is what happened to Henry Francis after he was married to Betty. The two met while Betty was still married to Don, but they married each other shortly after she and Don split up.

Henry seemed to love Betty, and he was a great step-father to her three children. The last time he is seen in the series is when he drove Sally home to her mom. He was a very prominent figure in the show, and he had a very interesting career in politics, so the writers definitely should have at least given viewers a peek into what his life was like after his wife passed away.

6 The Relationship Between Ted And Peggy

One of Peggy Olson’s weirdest relationships was the one she shared with Ted Chaough, which had is something viewers never really got closer on. Ted seemed to have very strong feelings for her, and they both appeared to be a perfect match for each other.

But Ted was married, which, of course, caused issues. But he loved Peggy so much that he told her he would leave his wife for her, which never happened. Ted and his family moved away. But the weird thing is that Ted and his wife split up, and he eventually returned. But for whatever reason, he no longer shared a romance with Peggy, so that entire situation seemed pointless.

5 Michael Ginsberg’s Mental Health

Michael Ginsberg’s mental health journey never got much of an ending, and neither did his story with his father. He once told Peggy a story about how he was actually a Martian, despite the fact that he was born in a concentration camp.

Due to his mental illness, Michael was also under the impression that his dad did not care about him, which was untrue. He became increasingly unstable and he was eventually taken away on a stretcher. Michael was convinced that his co-workers would be replaced by computers. Viewers never found out if Michael got better, or if the relationship between him and his father improved.

4 How Don Handles Life After Quitting His Job

Don Draper uses his career to run away from the problems he has at home, so it is hard to imagine what he would do after quitting his job, which he does at the end of this series. The final episode of Mad Man shows viewers that Don went to a hippie commune.

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While he is there, he comes up with a rather simple and effective advertising slogan, which seems to be a pretty good implication that he returns to his job after all. But that doesn’t mean anything for sure, since viewers never actually see him going back to work. Since fans watched the show for eight seasons, they deserved more than a cliffhanger.

3 Jim Cutler Was Missing From The Last Few Episodes

Jim Cutler randomly disappeared from Mad Men right before it ended, which made fans wonder what happened to him. Cutler was quite a sneaky character, so his quiet exit from the show was actually very fitting for him.

Jim and Roger Sterling were always going head-to-head with one another because they both wanted to be the top dog, but once the end of the show was near, Jim was nowhere to be found. Roger did imply that Jim took a buyout when Sterling Cooper & Partners was bought out by McCann-Erickson, but that is the last time Jim is ever spoken of, and he is not seen again on the show, so no one knows for sure what happened to him.

2 Salvatore Romano

Since Mad Men ended, lots of fans of the show have been wondering what happened to Salvatore “Sal” Romano, since he was not seen or talked about on the series again after he was fired in the third season. A very important client requested that Sal be let go, so Don had to do it.

But before he exited the show, he was a pretty big part of it, which is why it seemed odd that he was never brought back in for later episodes, or at least mentioned. Sal remains to be one of the most popular characters from the series, so viewers are curious about what happened to him after he was fired.

1 Stevie Wolcott Never Came Back

Another part of Mad Men that had no resolution was the romance with Peggy and Stevie Wolcott. The pair met during a blind date that seemed to go very well.

Though, it appears that Peggy was always meant to be alone, since none of her relationships ever worked out. This one was going swimmingly until they planned on going to Paris at the end of their date.

Peggy lost her passport, which meant that she couldn’t go. Stevie let her know that he did not plan to be around very often, but he actually never came back at all. Stevie wasn’t a big part of the show, but that entire thing seemed really random, and nobody knows what happened to him. He probably just stayed in Paris, but it’s hard to know for sure.

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