'Mad Men' Season 5 Teasers: Betty, Joan and the Gang are Back

Mad Men Season 5 Teasers Trailers

We recently posted a teaser trailer for Mad Men season 5 that featured Don Draper (Jon Hamm) coming back to the airwaves for another round of sex, swagger and salesmanship. And, while it is always good to see the captain back on deck, Mad Men is in large part successful because we love the rest of the crew just as much.

It's only fair then that the supporting cast of AMC's award-winning  period drama get their moment to shine - so if you've been missing Betty (January Jones), Joan (Christina Hendricks), Roger (Jon Slattery) and the rest of  the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce family, today's collection of Mad Men season 5 teasers should be satisfying.

Due to contract issues, Mad Men has been off the air for about a year and a half, but when we last saw the characters, Don was making the impetuous decision to propose to his secretary; Betty was still unhappy, even after her total life makeover (complete with new husband and home); Peggy was realizing that living in Don's shadow wasn't enough anymore, and Joan was wondering where her own life was headed, now that she's pregnant (with Roger's baby?).

Where season 5 will pick up is anyone's guess, and unfortunately there aren't many clues to be found in these new Mad Men teasers:







Mad Men season 5 kicks off Sunday, March 25 on AMC

Source: AMC

Header Image Source: Rolling Stone

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