Mad Men: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

Mad Men has had its fair share of fascinating relationships throughout the course of the series. Every character in Matt Weiner's masterpiece is struggling to find a purpose in life and because of their personal turmoil, it often has a negative effect on their romantic relationships.

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Some of the connections on Mad Men are surprisingly beautiful, while others were clearly doomed from the start. Which relationships from the series were fans behind? Which did they reject? Read on to find out!


Fans were shocked by how well Don and Megan's relationship seemed to be going in contrast to Don's previous marriage with Betty. Viewers were well aware of Don's utter lack of commitment when it came to his relationship with his first wife, and they suspected Don to start sleeping around again at any given moment after tying the knot with his second wife.

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Eventually, he found himself in bed with another woman (shocker) but before his slip, we were quite amazed by how committed he seemed to be with Megan. He appreciated her carefree persona which was a direct contrast to Betty's strict ways.


Let's be honest. Nobody was actively rooting for Don and Betty as a couple, and we weren't about to refer to them as "Relationship Goals" anytime soon. Their marriage was in shambles since the pilot and it was clear to see that behind their picture-perfect relationship was a whirlwind of pain and suffering.

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Betty did not deserve the careless way Don dismissed her and it was quite clear that neither of them could label themselves as happy. Something needed to change and despite the stigma around divorce at the time, Betty and Don knew that it had to be done if they were ever going to find joy in life again.


Joan and Roger's relationship captivated Mad Men fans from the very beginning. Although they never classified themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, they were the ultimate power couple. Both Joan and Roger basically ran the place with their matching "take no prisoners" business personas and their chemistry together was so intense that it turned Roger weak. Roger Sterling is not easily broken, but Joan was the only woman who could steal his heart. At the end of the day, Joan knew he was too much of a womanizer to remain faithful to her so she never tied the knot with him, yet they managed to remain friends and they even had a baby together!


From the very beginning, fans knew that Roger and Jane's whirlwind romance was doomed from the start. This is simply due to the fact that Roger Sterling is not marriage material, and he probably never will be. He is allergic to the word "commitment" just like his good buddy Don, yet while Don tries to at least be discrete with his other women, Roger basically brags about what a womanizer he is despite being in a longterm marriage at the beginning of the series. Jane Siegel was a good person and she deserved a lot better than to be in a relationship with someone who had a constant wandering eye.


Pretty much everybody ships Peggy and Stan together. Once Stan finally confessed his love for Peggy in the finale episode, most of us were jumping up and down with joy. Their relationship is one of the very few on the show that is actually based on love, it seems, rather than lust. While most of the relationships on Mad Men are a result of the men falling in love with a woman's appearance, (and needless to say those relationships didn't last long), Peggy and Stan genuinely seemed to fall for each other's personalities. They had been working together for years and knew each other inside and out. The friction between them turned out to be the result of mutual attraction and they were easily one of the top couples in the series.


Let's get one thing straight. Vince Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel (the actors who play Pete and Beth respectively) are an adorable couple in real life. That's right. These two actors are happily married with children offscreen. Yet on Mad Men, the relationship between their characters isn't quite as cheery. Pete Campbell was already married, yet he praised Beth and saw her as some kind of dream girl without really knowing anything about her. He only saw her as an escape from his simple suburban life, and he essentially made her out to be a fantasy. The idea of him actually being able to commit to her and live a normal life with Beth just seemed unrealistic.


Although Pete's behavior was despicable after all of the times he has cheated on Trudy, she never stopped loving him. Eventually, Pete discovered that he had never stopped loving her either, and although this doesn't excuse his poor behavior in their marriage, their relationship gave us hope in the end that even after countless struggles, it is possible to overcome them and come out happier than ever before.

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They both really worked hard to make things work the second time around and it was refreshing to see a relationship actually last on Mad Men. Come to think of it, they were one of the only couples in the series that had been together in the beginning and stayed together in the end. Now that's practically a miracle!

Plus, who could forget their epic Charleston dance routine together?


This relationship was easily the worst in the entire series, hands down. Joan didn't deserve any of Greg's malicious behaviors and it's heartbreaking to watch because all she ever wanted was to find herself in a happy marriage. As the series progressed, she was able to come to the conclusion that there was more to life than having a husband, and she managed to gain the courage to leave the scumbag for good. We were cheering her on when she left him and we knew that she would be able to get on just fine without having a husband's support.


Don and Faye were a promising couple and he respected her as his equal. It seemed as though Faye was the person to finally have Don mature into an actual adult and their relationship was surprisingly healthy. She seemed to see Don for who he really was, not the mysterious facade version of himself that he loved to put on for show. He trusted her enough to tell her about his past and his identity switch from Dick Whitman to Don Draper. Yet despite all this, Don fell back into his old ways and ultimately chose Megan.


Glen and Betty

Betty and Glen could easily be labeled as the strangest dynamic on Mad Men. She had known Glen since he was a kid, which made things a whole lot weirder. As a ten-year-old, Glen was fixated on Betty and he'd do all kinds of creepy things to win her attention. This included spying on Betty while she was in the bathroom (umm...) and camping out in her lawn. (Not cool, kid. Not cool).

Yet the creepiest of events was easily when he asked Betty for a lock of her hair. And the worst part? She gave it to him! Cue the Psycho theme music. Eight years later, Glen was of age and he went to see Betty again for the first time as an adult. He tried to kiss her, but she dodged him. Although their entire relationship was undeniably fascinating, it wasn't exactly what experts would consider healthy.

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