Mad Men: 10 Best Costumes On The Show, Ranked

Even though it's been off the air for almost half a decade, Mad Men still remains one of the highest-ranking television shows of all time on IMDb. The misadventures of everyone's favorite ad executive Don Draper made its way into the hearts of audiences swiftly. It's the kind of period drama we simply can't convince ourselves to take our eyes off of. It's no wonder than the show managed to snatch five Golden Globe awards and several other nominations over the course of seven seasons.

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And one of the best things about period dramas is, of course, the costumes. Plus, what better era to translate into the screen than the 1960s? The colors are vibrant and the outfits are over the top. Fans of Mad Men have a true delicacy when it comes to fashion moments. Just because it's over, it's doesn't mean it's been forgotten. So let's take a look at the ten best costumes on the show!

10 Golden Lady

Even though the men on the show also had their fair share of iconic fashion moments, we must admit that the ladies always scored incredible home-runs with their attires. And one of those ladies was none other than Megan Draper, the dark-haired beauty that sent hearts racing every time she was on screen.

On this episode of season six, Megan rocked a stunning metallic top. Paired with a statement golden necklace and over the top golden earrings, she became a true golden lady. Queue the big hairdo typical of the era, and you get an over the top attire that very few people would have the guts to wear.

9 Black Is The New Black

In a slight change of pace when compared to her usual style, bombshell Joan Harris sported an iconic all-black ensemble during an episode of season two. This was the instance that proved this woman can pretty much wear even the most unsuspecting color of the spectrum and steal the show.

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Pairing a tight, sleeveless black gown with a black cardigan, she let her body and her red locks do all the talking. But because this is the 1960s, a statement necklace and some bedazzling were in order. Stunning and simple, this is how you stay classy, elegant, and just sexy enough.

8 Draper Looking Dapper

Okay, bad puns aside, we simply couldn't let this list slide past our hands without showcasing what was perhaps the best Don Draper look out of the entire show. We love a crisp, simple business suit as much as the next person. But nothing screams confidence and success quite like out-of-the-box fashion choices.

This season five look is the perfect example of dressing down but still looking sharp. Yes, it's a suit, but it's one heck of a suit! The pattern and the colors elevate it, taking the look from boring office day to weekend fun just like that. Overall, a fantastic style moment for our leading man Don Draper!

7 Nothing Says Business Like A Pantsuit

The great thing about costumes in film and television is that they often go side by side with the character's personality and journey. For our girl Peggy, who was known for utter femininity and flowy skirts, this pantsuit represented a complete departure from her usual style, finally cementing her newfound bravery and strength.

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Plus, it helps that this pantsuit, in particular, is absolutely delicious. Not everyone can brag about getting away with wearing plaid from head to toe, yet here we are. The addition of the bright red sweater really elevates the whole outfit, and Peggy is ready to take the bull that is life by the horns. You go, girl!

6 Blue Eyes, Blue Coat

Betty Draper was the original 1960s housewife fashionista. Every time we saw her on-screen, Betty was the perfect embodiment of everything we think about when the 60s are concerned. The signature lipstick was pretty much always there, along with the headband that probably inspired Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf.

In season one, Betty once again delivered elegance, class, and beauty with this ensemble. The long blue jacked pairs beautifully with the lips and the scarf, and the long, black gloves are the perfect final touch. She wasn't breaking fashion boundaries, but what she did worked absolutely beautifully on-screen.

5 A Vision In Red

If you need advice on how to look your best for a night out with your significant other then you need to look no further than Mean Draper. Yes, the woman looks stunning pretty much every time she steps into the screen, but there's no contest as to when she pulls out her absolute best looks.

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In this instance, she went for the jugular. Pairing an embellished red dress with a neckline that looks like a million dollars worth of jewelry with red lips is a power move. Add the diamond earrings and the big, signature hair, and you have a look that's going to spark the envy of everyone else in the room.

4 Joan Is Royalty

Joan's love life took an unexpected turn when she fell in love with Richard. When they get together in Los Angeles, this beautiful gal knows just how to get his attention. In what is probably Joan's most beautiful ensemble to date, it was hard for anyone watching to not make googly eyes at the screen.

It's a short, beautiful blue dress, covered in a shiny fabric that could very well be a piece cut from the night sky. The earrings go beautifully with the outfit, showing that even in its last season, Mad Men didn't disappoint when it comes to putting together the most stunning looks for its characters.

3 Ice Cream Dream

This right here is a prime example of what made the fashion of Mad Men so absolutely iconic. What are the odds that in today's fashion paradigm you'll find people wearing bay pink in all its forms? Very little. The show knew exactly how to play with color, patterns, and proportions, and it shows in this outfit.

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This season five number was worn by Megan, in yet another display of boldness and style. Coral is the star of the show, but the golden accessories really take the look up several notches.

2 Pin-Up Girl

This is the outfit that got every fashion-savvy fan of the show screaming "YES!" for several minutes. Betty Draper was always the beautiful and elegant housewife, mostly known for her flowy skirts and dresses, pastel colors, and simple yet chic accessories. However, this little number remains her best fashion moment.

It was during season one that Mrs. Draper put one the red, blue, and golden number on. She didn't even leave the house but thank god she came on screen. This dress represents everything we've grown to love about the fashion in Mad Men, from the bold colors to the huge buttons and embroidered details.

1 Peggy Out.

During what became one of the most iconic moments of the entire show, Peggy walks into her new office - and new life - oozing boldness, courage, and, of course, style in spades. Yet another instance where the fashion walks hand in hand with the character development, this season six ensemble will go down in history.

Pairing a printed top with a navy-blue skirt, sunglasses, and red lipstick, everybody knows just what Peggy is about without her even opening her mouth. The addition of the cigarette is simply genius, and we can't help but clap every time we remember we were actually blessed with this entire moment.

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