• Here are the rules to the Thunderdome from the third Max Max movie. 1 / 8

    mad max 3 TLDR vertical
  • The franchise began with the 1979 original, which spawned three sequels, comics and video games. 2 / 8

    mad max poster TLDR vertical
  • George Miller helmed all four movies and is planning a sequel dubbed The Wasteland. 3 / 8

    George Miller Mad Max Fury Road Vertical
  • In Beyond Thunderdome Max fights in the title arena, where two enter and one leaves. 4 / 8

    mad max 3 poster TLDR vertical
  • Opponents fight on bungee cords and can snatch weapons attached to the dome. 5 / 8

    mad max 3 mel gibson TLDR vertical
  • A more extreme version was found in the Fury Road comic, featuring multiple fighters. 6 / 8

    mad max fury road comic cover issue 1 TLDR vertical
  • In the comic Max fights for a part to fix his car. 7 / 8

    mad max fury road comic cover TLDR vertical
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