Mad Max Minus Mel Gibson

Sometimes directors just lose something. It's sad but true. Maybe they get too carried away with business (George Lucas) or technology (James Cameron) and this leads to them loosing their magic touch.

George Miller was once a hard hitting director who delivered such R rated fair as the Mad Max trilogy and The Witches of Eastwick. Now the Australian director is content to helm family fare such as Babe: Pig In The City and the animated film Happy Feet.

He had promised to deliver a fourth Mad Max film titled Fury Road, and the film was close to shooting in 2002 when the war in Iraq led to the film falling apart. Now it looks like Miller is ready to bring Mad Max back to the screen. There are just two problems:

Mel Gibson will not be involved

It will be an animated feature.

Miller recently said spoke to MTV and revealed some details about the film and a forthcoming Mad Max computer adventure.

When asked about a new Mad Max film Miller said:

"We'll probably go a different route."

"I see myself as someone who is very curious about storytelling and all its various media. I've always loved anime, in particular the Japanese sensibility. It's something I've always wanted to do."

"The anime is an opportunity for me to shift a little bit about what anime is doing because anime is ripe for an adjustment or sea change. It's coming in games and I believe it's the same in anime. There's going to be a hybrid anime where it shifts more towards Western sensibilities. Kurosawa was able to bridge that gap between the Japanese sensibilities and the West and make those definitive films."

Miller said that God of War II designer Corey Barlog is working on the Mad Max game. However, don't expect either project soon.

Miller said:

"I've got a couple of years left. We're in the early stages writing and designing. A really good game you need two and half years. And for good anime you need two years."

As much as I enjoy Mad Max I feel that Miller should let the franchise go if Gibson isn't involved. Along with Martin Riggs, Max Rockatansky is one of his signature roles - it's like making a Dirty Harry film without Clint Eastwood. Heck - I'd even rather they go and reboot the franchise with another actor before milking the cow like this.

A Mel Gibson led Mad Max film is a great idea.

Any other (half baked) ideas and I'd have to say - "we don't need another hero."

Source: MTV

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