Mad Max: Fury Road Finally Gets Its Own Funko Figure Set

Mad Max Fury Road - Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa

At long last, Mad Max: Fury Road is getting its own range of Funko Pop figures. It’s somewhat shocking that the George Miller’s 2015 post-apocalyptic car chase movie hasn’t been adapted into Funko form before, given that the model manufacturers have turned other projects around very quickly (see: the Game of Thrones Night King Funko and the Rick & Morty Pickle Rick Funko).

Although the film is two years old, Mad Max: Fury Road still gets talked about a lot. Much of the chatter these days focuses on Charlize Theron, who’s proclaimed that she’s “ready” to make a Furiosa solo movie. However, some have argued that a sequel to Atomic Blonde should be her priority at the moment. Meanwhile, Tom Hardy has said that he’s “waiting on the call” when it comes to Fury Road sequels.

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While the future of the Mad Max franchise is apparently pending, Funko has got its act together and produced a line of Fury Road figures. Tom Hardy’s Max Max, Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa, Nicholas Hoult’s Nux, Hugh Keays-Byrne’s Immortan Joe, Riley Keough’s Capable, Megan Gales’ The Valkyrie and Iota’s The Doof Warrior are all present and correct. Furiosa even gets a Rock Candy iteration, and there are even a few Mystery Mini figures. You can see some of the best designs, which arrived online via Entertainment Weekly, here:

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It’s easy to imagine these flying off the shelves, particularly the Furiosa Funko Pop figures. Given the amount of time that Theron still spends talking about the character, it’s clear that her bad-ass Imperator really struck a chord with audiences. And it’s a nice touch that her main Funko incarnation comes with a steering wheel as an accessory.

The Doof Warrior also looks very cool in Funko form. It might take a bit of taping to get one to stay there, but this adorable iteration of the guitar-wielding maniac would look highly fun on the dashboard of a car. The Funko versions of Max himself aren’t quite so visually arresting, making this another instance in which Hardy’s character is less attention-grabbing than the other players from the film. But still, Hardy did fine work in the movie despite not have much dialogue to work with. It’s worth remembering that amongst all the talks of Furiosa prequels.

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This range of Mad Max: Fury Road Funko products becomes available for purchase this winter. An exact date hasn’t been announced yet.

Source: EW

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