The Story Behind 'Mad Max: Fury Road's Flamethrower Guitarist

Mad Max Fury Road Guitar Player Doof Warrior

Writer-director George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road has finally opened in theaters and it's safe to say it didn't disappoint. From the jaw-dropping stunts to the impressively creative worldbuilding, the fast-paced movie about a post-apocalyptic future that's low on precious resources sure has a whole lot to love. Despite the script not having all that much dialogue, the characters were memorable and everyone has their favorites, but there's one strange individual who has everybody talking: Coma the Doof Warrior, a.k.a. the crazy dude in a red onesie who's rocking out with a flamethrowing guitar.

While Mad Max: Fury Road revealed more of who Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, and Nux really are, the odd musician's story was something of a mystery. It's obvious the guitarist tags along with Immortan Joe's forces to pump them up and, in turn, intimidate their enemies, but aside from knowing why he's there and getting a good look at his attention-grabbing design, the movie never tells us who he truly is. Now, the actor/musician who landed the role, Iota, has revealed that George Miller does indeed have an origin story in mind for the eccentric rocker.

Taken from an interview shared over at Movie Pilot, Iota announced that, just like so many others in the bleak and depressing world of Mad Max: Fury Road, Coma the Doof Warrior has a tragic and painful tale.

"I knew that George had said that Coma was found by Immortan Joe in a Cave and taken under his wing and he learned to be a musician. I kind of embellished that for myself. Basically, my story was that Coma was found with his mother's head, after she had been killed, and he was clinging to it and Immortan Joe came and found him and Coma took her face off and made the mask out of her face, to honor her when he went to war."

Surprisingly enough, it wasn't George Miller, the mind behind this inventive and weird universe, who came up with the costume for the unforgettable guitarist.

Mad Max Fury Road feminist

While Miller gave Coma a twisted origin, it was Iota who thought the bright onesie would be a good look for the energetic character. With so many shades of orange and blue in the movie, the bright red clothing helped make the out-there artist leave an even stronger impression.

"Coma didn't really have a costume, as such. So there was lots of trying stuff on and I remember thinking that an old farcical onesie would be good with the butt flap hanging out the back. The mask was something that was worked on and influence came from everyone. And certainly Angus Young and AC/DC was an influence."

Unlike many other action-heavy blockbusters, Mad Max: Fury Road placed a heavy emphasis on making sure a lot of its stunts and visuals were practical and not overwhelmed with CGI. Because of that, Iota was indeed strapped to the top of a moving vehicle and both the guitar and flamethrower were functional. That said, the actor explained the quality of the guitar's sound wasn't all that good. In the interview, he said you wouldn't want to record an album with the instrument but claimed it made a "great sound" for the movie's gritty atmosphere.

Miller has stated he already has a script for another Mad Max movie, and Iota believes his character shouldn't be a part of it. He thinks it could give moviegoers too much of a good thing, saying "maybe any more would ruin it." There's currently a canon comic series which looks at several characters before the events of the new movie, so even if the guitarist doesn't appear in a future movie, it's possible he could make a cameo in the pages of the new comic book. Do you think Mad Max: Fury Road gave us just the right amount of Coma the Doof Warrior or are you left wanting more of the bright red and crazy guitarist in your life?

Mad Max: Fury Road is currently in theaters.

Source: Movie Web

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