Mad Max Blu-ray Collection Contains Black-and-White Version of Fury Road

A international Mad Max Blu-ray collection contains the long-rumored black-and-white version of Fury Road among its bonus features.

Mad Max Fury Road Bluray Black and White

Ever since director George Miller mentioned a black-and-white version of Mad Max: Fury Road that he'd been working on, fans have wondered when they might have a chance to see it for themselves. It was rumored that the alternate take on the film would eventually get a release, but there has still been no official word about it. The wait may be just about over, though.

A new Mad Max Blu-ray collection recently became available for preorder in Germany. The six-disc set, known as the Mad Max High Octane Collection, contains not only the four Mad Max films but also a number of bonus features including a "Black and Chrome" edition of Fury Road.

According to the product page for the High Octane Collection, the set is slated for release on September 29, 2016 in Germany. It contains all four movies, the documentary The Madness of Max and new bonus material for The Road WarriorMad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and Mad Max: Fury Road. It also includes the "Black and Chrome" edition of Fury Road, which a quick translation of the page describes as:

"Fury Road "Black and Chrome" Edition - The surreal black-and-white film version of Fury Road of the brilliant George Miller (about 120 minutes)"

Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa Scream Black and White

The 120-minute runtime of "Black and Chrome" Fury Road suggests that the film itself contains pretty much the same footage as the theatrical release and that the differences between the two are primarily aesthetic. Including the "Black and Chrome" edition, the documentaries, and bonus features for the set equal nearly seven hours of content.

It's worth noting that this preorder is thus far only available at Amazon Germany; there has been no word yet on when or if it will be released in the United States or other international markets. There's also no news about whether the "Black and Chrome" edition of Fury Road will be available as a separate film or if it will only be available for purchase with other films. Hopefully, more news will become available on the set's release and the availability of the alternate version of Fury Road closer to the September 29 release date.

Some fans may be disappointed at the idea of the long-rumored black-and-white version of Fury Road coming out as a box-set special feature, but it does give the set something special that you don't often see in collections like this. A lot of boxed collections merely take the standard releases and throw them together in a single package, and in some cases they even contain fewer special features than you'd get if you bought the retail movies separately. It's possible that "Black and Chrome" Fury Road will be released elsewhere as well, but if it's not then it will add definite value to the collection.

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Mad Max The High Octane Collection is slated for release in Germany on September 29, 2016. It may be released in other markets as well, but this has not been announced at this time.

Source: Empire Online (via: BMD)

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