Mad Max: Black Friday Trailer - Furiosa V Doorbusters

The turkey's been picked bare, all angry political debates with distant family members moved on from in a hungover haze, and now it's time to move on and get ready for Christmas, starting with Black Friday. Of course, Black Friday's long since stopped being just the day after Thanksgiving (running for multiple weeks at some outlets), but the ethos - big discounts on everything - remains the same. Because of that, one tradition of the "holiday" has remained even as so much shopping moves online: the rammed, sometimes violent, always hellish crowds in real brick-and-mortar stores.

It's like something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie, making George Romero's spearing of commercial culture in Dawn of the Dead look old-hat - the violence and hollowness of it is more like Soylent Green or Mad Max. With all this in mind, it's definitely worth giving Break Originals' excellent Mad Max: Black Friday trailer (see above) a look.

Made last year (although by this point most people are happy to pretend 2016 didn't happen), with just a few aesthetic alterations the team manage to make Fury Road's story of a water-starved society dominated by gas-guzzling beasts into a spot on representation of all Black Friday has to offer. They didn't even have to alter any of the dialogue - that's how pertinent it is.

Mad Max Fury Road - Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy

Parody trailers can vary wildly in quality, and while a few good gags can make up for scrappy editing and shoddy visual effects, it's always great to see one like this that really hits all the marks. It's a polished trailer and manages to tell an actual narrative within it clips, with Best Buy's CEO in Training Max forced to hand his badge in when he takes on Doorbuster Immortan Joe and realizes just how mad everybody else is.

Despite being almost a year and a half old, Mad Max: Fury Road still feels quite fresh. Part of that is the recent release of the Black & Chrome edit, which presents George Miller's preferred, high-contrast version, but it's really down to just how awesome a movie it is. Bigger than any thirty-year belated follow-up to a niche action trilogy had any hope to be, it was a blockbuster stand-out of 2015 and a major player in that year's awards race; dominating the technical categories at the Oscars, with constant, intense action that make it infinitely rewatchable.

And, if you've not seen the film since release, now's a perfect time to correct that; it's Black Friday, it's bound to be on offer somewhere.

Source: Break Originals

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