Charlize Theron & Tom Hardy In Mad Max 4?

George Miller has been trying to get a Mel Gibson-less Mad Max film off the ground for the last few years. The last thing that we heard was that the star of The Hurt Locker Jeremy Renner was up for the role in the rebooted action franchise.

However, there are now rumors that star of Brit-jail-house-flick Bronson, Tom Hardy, will be slipping into Mel Gibson's leathers for the role of Mad Max, and that Oscar-winner Charlize Theron will be "doing a Tina Turner" and co-starring in Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road.

The not-always-reliable E! Online is reporting that "multiple sources" are stating that Theron and Hardy will be going beyond Thunderdome and starring in Fury Road.

The site also states that the film is quite a while away yet:

"The Mad Max revamp is a long way from fruition, and Miller is being very secretive about the roles and plot. Actors auditioning for the film have only been given a letter for their character's name. The studio has yet to sign off on Miller's choices, and no formal offers have been made."

Is this true?

I think that there could be a bit of truth to it. I do believe that if George Miller is going to recast the role of Max Rockatansky, then he will go with a relative unknown (like Gibson was in the original). If this is the case, and if the budget for the film is going to be on the high side, then Miller also needs someone to keep the money men happy and Theron would appear to fit that bill.

In the summer we mentioned that Jeremy Renner was going to be "testing" for the role - and if he has already tested (which we can presume he did) then it would appear that he didn't get the part (obviously).

Again, this news is all very uncertain and the studio might want a bigger name for the role of Max in the fourth Mad Max adventure.

I've said it a million times before, and I'll say it again - Mel Gibson should return as Mad Max. He's proved that he can still kick ass in the Edge of Darkness trailer.

So come on - stump up the cash and get Mad Mel back on the big screen in the role that made him a star!

What are your thoughts?

Source: E!Online via Ain't It Cool

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