Mad Max 4 to be Retrofitted with 3D?

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It's been common knowledge that George Miller's Mad Max 4 (or Fury Road ) would be a 3D feature for quite sometime. Considering that it's a $100 million tent-pole film in the second decade of the 21st Century - that's no big surprise.

However, what may come as surprise is that the movie, which stars Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, will be converted to 3D - after the film has been shot. The 3D retrofit would be similar to fellow Warner Bros stablemate Clash of The Titans - and you already know how we felt about that conversion.

So what does this mean for Mad Max 4? Will it have the same substandard 3D presentation as Titans?Well, At this point, there's still reason to be optimistic that Mad Max will get a better conversion than Clash of the Titans.

Titans had a rush 3D job intended to capitalize on the success of Avatar. Even though Mad Max will get a post-production 3D conversion, it appears that the 3D elements are at least being planned ahead of time - and already incorporated in the production process.

In addition, Max is getting a solid amount of time in post production, which would indicate that the film will have time for a high grade 3D conversion - and not a quick money-making cash-grab (well, not an overt money making cash-grab anyway).

Nicolas Hoult, who has parts in both Clash of The Titans and Mad Max 4 was responsible for the "retrofit" revelation - specifically stating Mad Max 4 would be "retrofitted" to 3D after the film was shot - so that it could incorporate preplanned 3D elements.

nicholas hoult talks Mad Max 3d

Hoult had been invited to a recent UK press event held by Samsung - a press event to unveil a new LED TV lineup. The electronics manufacturer brought together numerous actors, and other celebrities to offer their "thoughts" on 3D technology - and, of course, to help sell the product line.

In regards to 3D films as a whole, Hoult was optimistic about the format:

"You only have to look at the reception 3D is getting in theatres. Personally, I’m really enjoying it – you just want to be absorbed by a movie when you watch in 3D."

In addition to Hoult, guests at the Samsung event included Kevin Spacey, BBC film presenter Claudia Winkleman, and Alexandra Burke - the 2008 X-Factor winner.

So, fear not Mad Max 4 fans - your 3D experience still has the potential for greatness. Well, unless you're still bummed that Mel Gibson, the original Mad Max, isn't involved.

Will you be seeing Mad Max 4 in 3D or, given the amount of 3D features en route, will you see this one the old fashioned way?

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