Remember Mad Catz? They're Making A Comeback

Mad Catz Makes A Comeback

After filing for bankruptcy last year, third party peripheral maker Mad Catz has announced a surprise return. The company is perhaps best known with gamers for its creation of third party controllers and other products of various shapes and sizes for PC and consoles, including everything from traditional controllers and memory cards through to more specialist products like racing wheels.

However, recent years had not been kind to Mad Catz. The company took on greater publishing responsibilities for the release of Rock Band 4 in October 2015, alongside its traditional role of producing the game's music-themed controllers. When Rock Band 4 struggled to sell as well as developer Harmonix and Mad Catz had hoped, it was the beginning of the end of the company, as Mad Catz went through a series of layoffs and sell-offs, and eventually filed for bankruptcy last march.

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In spite of this, Mad Catz is making a triumphant return. The company is back from the dead, with a new management team from those who ran the company before. Mad Catz has also announced a new range of products, which will be shown off in detail at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 9th through January 12th, 2018. A teaser video for the resurrection of Mad Catz can be seen below.

At the moment, the new-look Mad Catz has discussed a little about the new products it has in production. There will be another wireless gaming R.A.T. mouse, new S.T.R.I.K.E. mechanical keyboards, as well as other units like F.R.E.Q. gaming headsets and G.L.I.D.E. gaming surfaces, although more details are bound to be confirmed about these products during CES 2018.

Some of the company's new management have given an update on the return of Mad Catz, too. "Mad Catz has been a permanent fixture in gaming for almost three decades and we firmly believe it’s best days lie ahead," said Director of Sales and Operations Selena Chang. The director continued to state that "we’re already working on delivering products which we believe will enhance gamers’ abilities and do justice to the Mad Catz name."

Exactly how well the return of Mad Catz will fare remains to be seen. The company certainly had its supporters before bankruptcy and its R.A.T. line of mice had a solid reputation, although its console controllers in particular stood on shadier ground. However, with companies like Scuf making controllers from a custom perspective, it's clear that there's still room in the market for further third party products yet.

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