Mad About You Revival Could Land At CBS

Despite having originally aired as part of NBC's "Must-See TV" block in the 90s, the upcoming revival of Mad About You may be headed to CBS. In an age where it seems like everything old in TV history is becoming new again, it's not surprising that Mad About You is likely to soon come back to airwaves. Especially now that the return of Roseanne showed that revivals of 90s sitcoms can still very much draw a large audience. While Mad About You wasn't quite as big a hit as Roseanne was back in the day, it's still a fondly remembered part of the decade for many.

For those in need of a refresher, Mad About You aired for 7 seasons on NBC, premiering in September 1992 and signing off in May 1999. One of many New York City-set sitcoms to come out of the 90s, Mad About You starred Paul Reiser as newlywed Paul Buchman, and Helen Hunt as his wife Jamie. Paul was a documentary filmmaker, while Jamie worked in public relations. By the final season, Reiser and Hunt were two of the highest paid actors on TV, earning $1 million per episode. That puts them in some very elite company when it comes to sitcom stars.

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While both Reiser and Hunt continue to act pretty regularly, Reiser of course experienced quite the career boost last fall, when he joined the cast of Netflix hit Stranger Things as Dr. Sam Owens. While Owens was initially portrayed as being a possibly untrustworthy character - clearly playing off Reiser's legendarily slimy role of corporate scumbag Carter Burke in James Cameron's Aliens - he in the end turned out to be much more reliable and heroic than it first appeared. It was around that time that Reiser first floated the idea of a Mad About You revival, and TV Line now reports that said revival might be bypassing the series' former home and ending up on CBS.

It didn't take long after Reiser first brought up a Mad About You revival for the project to kick into gear. By December, he and Helen Hunt were said to be on-board, and by April, both stars and series co-creator (along with Reiser himself) Danny Jacobson had inked deals. Finding a network to air the revival on was the last piece of the puzzle, and while some might wonder why NBC passed, that is said to be be connected to the fact that they had already opted to revive fellow must-see TV sitcom Will & Grace. It appears NBC wasn't interested in having two sitcom revivals going at the same time.

While CBS has yet to finalize a deal to broadcast Mad About You's revival, with both Reiser and Hunt locked in, it's hard to imagine the series not finding a home before too long. For now, a CBS executive reportedly referred to the project as "still being discussed." Plot-wise, the revival is expected to be centered on the Buchmans' battle with empty nest syndrome, after their now-grown daughter Mabel heads off to college.

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Source: TV Line

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