Mad About You: 10 Quotes About Relationships That Prove It Was Ahead of Its Time

While Seinfeld and Friends are the most well-known sitcoms from the 1990s, there was another series that deserves a lot of attention, and that's Mad About You. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt played a NYC-based husband and wife who were both neurotic but in a totally hilarious way.

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Since Paul Reiser also co-created the show and he's a comedian, every episode was chock full of funny and intelligent lines. Many of the characters said really interesting things about love. Here are 10 relationship quotes from Mad About You that prove the show was ahead of its time.

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10 "Do you know how long I waited for you? My mother used to say I was too picky, or afraid of commitment, and that's why I was still unmarried by the age of almost 30."

But the truth is, I was just looking for you. Do you know how close I came to being a narrow, cold, mistrustful woman? But you have given me a life so big and full and good... and fun! I don't even know what we do, really, besides clean up and complain and wish we were sleeping, but with you, somehow... fun.

When Jamie says this to Paul, it's not only incredibly romantic but also proves that this sitcom was definitely ahead of its time. For so long, people would say that if you reached your 30th birthday and hadn't gotten married yet, you had no hope of ever meeting anyone.

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These days, people get married later and no one is really freaking out about that anymore, and Jamie proves that it's good to wait until you find the right person. That's what matters more than how old you are.

9 "I'm kissing your knees."

Mad About You poked fun at couples who try to be intimate with each other while chatting on the phone, and proved that this is a whole lot easier said than done. When Paul said this to Jamie, she said, "Niece? I don't have a niece."

This is so funny and also so real. Even though TV shows and movies might make these types of things look glamorous and romantic, in real life, it's just awkward and doesn't always go all that well. This is yet another example of how Jamie and Paul feel like an actual couple.

8 "All I know is I wanna wake up naked with you for the rest of my life."

Paul and Jamie are a rare TV couple because they're honest with each other and they don't fall into the typical sitcom husband/wife traps. She isn't bugging him to get off the couch and he isn't telling her that he wants dinner on the table ASAP.

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Instead, these two characters truly love and care about one another, and they're always telling each other how much they appreciate the other person. This quote of Paul's is adorable and sweet.

7 "It makes no sense! First of all... First of all, you're still on the pill. Second of all, and maybe this is just me, I don't think you bring a child into the world just to beat the heat."

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser in Mad About You

From the very beginning of Mad About You, it was clear that Paul and Jamie would have kids eventually. In this scene, Jamie suggests trying for a baby, and it's mostly because it's hot out and she figures that it's the most logical and practical time to conceive. This quote from Paul is both funny and logical.

Once again, these two characters are discussing a subject that doesn't always come up on a sitcom in such a relatable way. Paul is so practical because he mentions that Jamie is still taking birth control, which adds another layer to this hilarious line of dialogue.

6 "Just like that: bing, bang, boom?"

This is an especially funny and intelligent exchange between Paul and Jamie. When he asks her this question, she says, "At this point, I'd settle for the boom." He asks, "You don't want the bing and the bang?" and she says, "I did when we started" and then says "I'm over it." When she asks whether he wants "the boom" he says "Course I want the boom. Guys ALWAYS want the boom. We only made up the whole bing and the bang just to get to boom."

It's rare to see such a clever exchange of dialogue on a sitcom, which was another reason why Mad About You was way ahead of its time, especially when it discussed love and relationships. Paul and Jamie are a modern couple since they can talk about a subject like physical intimacy and not get mad or upset with one another.

5 "Would you *please* tell Lisa what guys think, when women give in on the first date?"

This is another example of a time when Mad About You was ahead of its time in terms of discussing relationships. Paul's response to this question from his wife is "Yippie?" which is so great since he's just being honest.

A lot of people would dance around this topic and not answer the question properly, not wanting to offend anyone, but Mad About You is an honest and open show. It's easy to picture this exchange of dialogue on a show airing in 2019. The question of whether you should be intimate on the first date is pretty old-school now, and everyone thinks that you go with your gut instincts here.

4 "We're having lasagna. There is a recipe in the back of a Rice Krispies box."

Jamie is a modern wife and with this seemingly simple line, she's showing that she doesn't necessarily know how to cook... and that is totally okay.

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Mad About You was also ahead of its time because Paul and Jamie have the type of relationship where there aren't traditional gender roles present. She's not sweating over making him dinner every night, and she has a more successful career than him since she's in PR and he's struggling to make documentaries. That's just one reason why this sitcom is so awesome and deserves praise. (Also... that lasagna sounds pretty gross.)

3 "Do you want to tell me why I just lied to our closest friends?"

Paul's answer to Jamie's question is "They wanted to take us to dinner." Her response? "The bastards."

This is a perfect example of how great this show is since Paul and Jamie know that when you're in a serious relationship, you're supposed to agree with what the other person is saying (at least most of the time). If they're upset, you have to be too, and you have to be on their side. She may not know what he's even talking about here, but she's going to side with him.

2 "Why is it I love you any more in the middle of February than on, say, August 21st? You know, to me, every day with you is Valentine's Day."

When Paul says this to Jamie, she responds "So, in other words, you forgot to buy me a card" and he says, "That's what I'm saying."

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Paul often responds to others with the line "That's what I'm saying" which makes this exchange extra funny. This quote proves that Mad About You was ahead of its time since by now, we all agree that Valentine's Day isn't a massive deal at all. In fact, many people are tired of it and think that we should move on. It's simply one day, and it doesn't prove how much you love your partner.

1 "What's the big deal with Valentine's Day? It's a made-up holiday."

Paul takes things one step further, commenting on Valentine's Day and the problem that he has with it. This is definitely in the realm of a Jerry Seinfeld joke since he often says things like "What's the deal with men and cars?"

It's easy to picture this statement being part of a 2019 show since no one really likes Valentine's Day all that much now. While other shows were celebrating February 14th with big gestures and red roses, Paul was waxing poetic about how it's not important on Mad About You. This is just one example of why this show was so ahead of its time and why it still holds up now.

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