Early Review of 'Machete' Script

For the last two years, Robert Rodriguez fans have been clamoring for the full-length version of his faux-trailer Machete. Now, thanks to the guys at Latino Review, we finally have our first look at the movie's script.

Apparently, the plot of Machete will focus on Danny Trejo cutting people up real good with big old knives (no surprise there). More specifically, Machete will have lots of double crosses, sexy women, and, oh yeah, a political assassination of some kind. Latino Review's guest reviewer (from the website ScriptShadow) was less than impressed with the script, saying it's "Too silly. Too Simplistic. Too Dumb." Overall, he gave it a "generous passing grade of C-." Here's an excerpt of his review.

Machete plays out exactly like you’d expect the 90 minute extended cut of the two minute trailer to play out. Rodriquez dials up the speed like never before, racing from scene to scene so blatantly, you can actually taste his attempts at masking the lack of story. Although if I had Rodriquez with me right now, he’d probably slam his guitar over my head and say, Who cares about the story?? This is about naked women and a dude mowing down people with a blade of death! And in that sense, the script is successful in spades. And diamonds. And clubs and hearts. The chop-first and ask-questions-later main character lost his moral compass long ago when he was double-crossed by his own police force. And he’s dead set on making the world pay as a result.

If the trailer and this movie interest you, make sure to check out the full script review at Latino Review.

When I first saw Grindhouse, I was blown away by Robert Rodriguez's two-minute trailer for Machete. Combining all of the best aspects of Rodriguez's previous work (girls, gore, and the inimitable Danny Trejo), Machete was, to me, easily the best of the four trailers featured in the film. Still, despite my enthusiasm for the trailer, I had yet to jump on the bandwagon for the full-length version.

Now that I have a better understanding of the script, however, I have to say I'm more excited for the movie than ever before. In spite of the negative script review, I think that between Machete's star-studded cast and Rodriguez's flair for filmmaking, the movie will be 90 minutes of lean, mean, knife-chopping awesomeness.

What do you think? Are you excited by what you read at Latino Review?

Machete opens some time in 2010.

Source: LatinoReview

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