Bloody New 'Machete' Red Band Trailer

Machete red band trailer

Over the last few months we've seen a few trailers, some posters and a slew of images to get us ready for the release of Robert Rodriguez's Machete. Based on the faux trailer during Grindhouse, the film follows the titular character (played by Danny Trejo) as he reeks havoc getting revenge on his double-crossing boss.

Today, we've got the red band Machete trailer which continues to build momentum for the crazy mayhem director Robert Rodriguez has prepared.

Where would we be without Rodriguez? He's given us everything from aliens infiltrating a high school (The Faculty) to a faithful, yet very cinematic version, of Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novels (let's just try and forget about his Spy Kids sequels) - and Machete may just be one of his craziest films yet.

You probably don't need much more to get you excited for Machete. But if you do, check out the latest red-band trailer for the film, which includes all the too-hot-for-the-green-band footage - blood and guts quite literally included! (WARNING: the trailer is very NSFW)

Wow, when the shot of Danny Trejo swinging down from one window and smashing through another appeared in the regular trailers, I had no idea he was using a person's intestines to do it!

I'm really glad that Machete is as violent and profane as the faux trailer in Grindhouse suggested. Not that I thought it was going to be a safe family film or anything, but the stuff we've been seeing so far has managed to conceal a lot of the more explicit content (understandably).

With a fan-favorite filmmaker (Rodriguez), an absolute killer cast (not to mention extremely diverse) and tons of bad-ass violence, I can't really see where Machete could go wrong. The casting of Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba is, admittedly, dubious but something tells me their casting was intended to draw on the over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek fun.

Machete slices its ways into theaters on September 3rd, 2010.

Source: IGN

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