Blood-Splattering New 'Machete' Red Band Trailer & Clips

Machete red band trailer clips

Despite Machete being made out of a two-minute trailer from the box office failure that was Grindhouse, 20th Century Fox is nonetheless pushing the marketing pretty hard on the general movie going public.

Today brings a new  Machete red band trailer and some new clips from the movie, which take expectations of how bloody this thing is going to be and raises them quite significantly.

In case you're not aware of the plot, here's a quick rundown:

Renegade Machete (Danny Trejo), is attempting to keep a low profile after a violent encounter with Texan drug lord Torrez (Steven Seagal). When the former Federale is double-crossed by a shady spin-doctor named Benz (Jeff Fahey) during a mission to kill the corrupt Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro), he sets out on a quest for revenge.

We got a look at a bloody red band trailer for Machete a couple of months ago but if anything this latest trailer takes things to an even bloodier level. Take a look:

There's a total of six new clips which have been released but we're only going to highlight three here. Check them out below:

You can watch the other new Machete clips over at IGN.

What started out as a faux-documentary in Grindhouse has now taken on a life of its own. Along with the upcoming full-length adaptations of Hobo With a Shotgun and Eli Roth's Thanksgiving, Machete was the only other trailer from Grindhouse that could really work as a full-length film in my opinion. I think Rodriguez had to raise the bar and try and pack in as much violence as possible to give people a reason to see this film - because let's face it, the audience for this movie wants "a bit of the old ultra-violence" (to quote A Clockwork Orange) and from the looks of things, the movie has delivered... and then some.

Packing the film with known names isn't exactly going to hurt either, and I bet that there would be significantly less public interest in the movie if people like Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba and Steven Seagal weren't in it. Not that they're the biggest crowd-drawers in the world (anymore) but people will see those names and faces and likely want to see the film out of pure curiosity.

Most of all, I think people will see Machete purely because it looks fun. It definitely looks like one of those movies that you just switch your brain off at the door for. To be fair that description could be applied to most of the movies that came out this past summer but I have a feeling Machete will be one of the more memorable examples. Of course, in the states they have that whole potential immigration controversy brewing over this film, so I guess we'll see how that effects the movie's performance as well.

Machete slices it way into theaters on September 3rd, 2010 (this Friday!).

Sources: IGN and Movieweb

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