Danny Trejo Sets Out For Revenge In New 'Machete' Clips

Machete movie with Danny Trejo clips Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodríguez's Machete - the big-screen treatment of the hit trailer from Grindhouse - will slice its way into theaters at the beginning of next month.

Danny Trejo (Predators) plays the titular character, a former Mexican federale who is hired by a mysterious contractor (Jeff Fahey) to assassinate an American senator (Robert De Niro).  When the job turns out to be a set up, the left-for-dead Machete sets out to take bloody revenge against those that wronged him.

Rodríguez co-wrote the Machete screenplay with his cousin Álvaro, and shared directorial duties on the film with his longtime editor Ethan Maniquis.  Judging by the red band trailer, the movie looks to be as deliciously exploitive and low-brow in design as the original pseudo-preview that spawned it.

This first clip from the film involves a conversation between Machete and Sartana (Jessica Alba), an officer of the law herself.  Although Alba's acting still seems sub-par, Trejo has the cool customer attitude down pat.  The synthesizer score is a nice throwback to old-school exploitation flicks as well.

Check out the scene below:

Latino Review has posted another clip from the movie, which involves the reunion of Machete and his now priestly brother Padre (Cheech Marin).  The layout of security cameras in the shape of a cross is amusing, though that last bit of dialogue between the two characters is pretty cheesy.  Then again, Rodríguez was also the guy who came up with the line "Are you a Mexican or a Mexi-can't?"

Click HERE to check out the hi-res version of the clip.

Machete red band trailer

Will moviegoers turn out in large numbers for Machete?  The film is unlikely to have the kind of success at the box office that The Expendables enjoyed this past weekend, but hopefully it will be more popular than the Grindhouse double-feature was back in 2007.

Machete attacks theaters in the U.S. on September 3rd, 2010.

Source: 20th Century Fox (via Jo Blo & Latino Review)

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