'Machete Kills' Trailers Tease Robert Rodriguez' Sequel in English and Spanish

Danny Trejo in the Machete Kills trailer

Machete is a full-length treatment of Robert Rodriguez' faux-trailer - made for his and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse double-feature - and celebrates the ridiculous exploitation fare of yore, in the form of an ultra-violent Mexploitation (i.e. "Mexican exploitation") film. That the sequel, Machete Kills, looks even more ridiculous, is a testament to Rodriguez and his cast's level of dedication to their cause.

The above Machete Kills trailer opens with an introduction - by Rodriguez and his leading man Danny Trejo - which, like the narration in that preview, is presented in Spanish.

Seeing how the English-language version (embedded below) doesn't make the plot any clearer: Machete Kills features Trejo back in the role of the eponymous blade-wielding, non-Texting (warning: NSFW link!), ex-Federale. He is recruited by the President of the United States - portrayed by Charlie Sheen, who is now going by his real name (Carlos Irwin Estévez) - in order to stop a madman (Mel Gibson) who has plans to spread anarchy across the globe.

As the trailer(s) illustrate, Trejo's female costars in Machete Kills include Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez - back as, respectively, the no-nonsense Sartana and one-eyed badass Luz - in addition to new additions like Lady Gaga as the golden-haired La Chameleón, Amber Heard as the blonde (and tenacious) Miss San Antonio, and Sofía Vergara as Madame Desdemona. (Three guess as to what sort of "firepower" the Modern Family star in packing.)

Danny Trejo in the Machete Kills trailer

Many critics and moviegoers alike enjoyed Machete for what it was (a piece of dirty and silly entertainment to the core), while others felt that Rodriguez' movie exercise in modern exploitation was too much of a juvenile and - more importantly - kitschy pastiche for its own good.

Suffice it to say, the movie's odd casting selections and cartoonish plot - in combination with the campy tone and grindhouse-throwback style of the trailer footage - suggests that Machete Kills will only push people even further into one of those two camps of thought.


Machete Kills opens in U.S. theaters on September 13th, 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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