'Machete Kills' Red Band Trailer #2 Features More Deaths, Swearing & Machete

'Machete Kills' poster - Danny Trejo

Machete Kills- Trailer No.2

Machete Kills - that's what he does, and in his latest movie the deadly ex-Federale is out to take down an insane arms dealer played by Luther Voz and save the President of the United States (Carlos Estevez AKA Charlie Sheen) from being blown up along with the White House by a missile. That's about all the motivation Machete needs to get on the road and begin his second adventure that, like the original Machete, is directed by Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi).

If the family-friendly footage was beginning to kill your enthusiasm a little, then why not indulge in a new red band trailer for Machete Kills that doesn't pull any punches... or bullets. Or helicopters for that matter. Featuring another glimpse at pop star Lady Gaga in the role of La Chameleón, as well as the other deadly ladies of Machete's world, including Michelle Rodriguez as Luz and Amber Heard as Miss San Antonio.

The quality of violence in the trailer is a little mixed. While there are some funny and creative kills involved, gore purists might lament the use of CGI blood in places where practical effects would have been just as easy to accomplish and would probably have looked better. Meanwhile, Sofía Vergara's entire arsenal (and possibly her character as well) seems to be based around sexual innuendo, though perhaps that's just her breast- and crotch-mounted machine guns giving the wrong impression.

'Machete Kills' poster - Danny Trejo

When the last trailer was released, we noted that much of the marketing around Machete seems to be focused on the more widely-known players like Charlie Sheen, so it's gratifying to see the red band trailer pay a little more attention to the movie's central character, mainly through ensuring that his name is said as many times as possible.

Machete Kills is still looking like something of a mixed bag, but there's a lot of strong material in this trailer and it's hard not to love the overblown and ridiculous tone of the whole thing.


Machete Kills opens in U.S. theaters on October 11th, 2013.

Source: IGN

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