'Machete' Casting: Rodriguez Confirmed, Role For Lohan?

While talking to MTV recently, Robert Rodriguez spoke about his upcoming full-length version of the Grindhouse fake trailer, Machete. Although he understandably didn't give that much away, he did speak about the casting for the film where he revealed two things: the previously rumored Michelle Rodriguez definitely is in the film, and Lindsay Lohan (yes, that Lindsay Lohan) has a role in the film if she wants it.

Michelle Rodriguez was rumored for Machete along with Robert De Niro, Jonah Hill and Steven Seagal and it's not surprising to find her rumor turning out true. As I said in my post last week, her name was the one that made the most sense out of those four (or at least, didn't incite a "WTF" response as the rest do). Robert Rodriguez has let us know that Michelle and Danny Trejo are the only two confirmed, and he sadly didn't address the rumors of De Niro, Hill or Seagal.

A little extra piece of Machete casting rumor popped up online shortly after the other four names were being thrown, that stated Lindsay Lohan was "in talks" for an unnamed role. Rodriguez has now said himself that there's, "a cool part for her if she wants it."

Rodriguez revealed that Machete will start shooting in a couple of weeks, although he said he can't say much more about it. The director also said they're in the casting stage right now, and that, "the script just came out great."

It's hard to say too much against (or for - let's not diss her for the sake of it...) Lohan possibly being cast in Machete when we don't know what the role will be, and more importantly how big that role will be.

I will be gentle and say that Lohan isn't the greatest actress in the world but who knows, the B-movie homage that Machete is might lend itself very well to that. I think it'd be wise for Lohan to at least consider the role, as her career isn't doing too well at the moment.

Apparently Lohan turned down a role in the all-time highest grossing R-rated comedy, The Hangover. I bet she's slapping her forehead over that one...

What would you think about Lindsay Lohan having a role in Machete?

Machete is slated for a release sometime in 2010.

Source: MTV Movies Blog via ThePlaylist

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