When is Machete 3 (Machete Kills in Space) Happening?

Danny Trejo in Machete

Actor Danny Trejo gives fans an update on if and when Machete 3 will be coming out. Trejo has had a successful acting career, and his most known character is named Machete. The character first appeared in the children's movie Spy Kidswhere Trejo appeared as the Uncle of Carmen and Juni Cortez. He returned for all three of the Spy Kids sequels, and then appeared in a fake trailer in between segments of the double feature film Grindhouse. In 2010, Trejo got his own movie called Machete, and a sequel three years later called Machete Kills. The third film has long been in development, revolving around Machete going on a killing spree again, only in space.

When the second film came out in 2013, the movie was capped off by a trailer for a third film called Machete Kills Again... in Space. The trailer shows the President (Charlie Sheen) sending Machete into space to battle a new villain called The Man in the Silver Mask. The trailer is filled with hilarious and epic space imagery, showing Machete wielding a machete that looks like a lightsaber, a robot named Bleep (supposedly played by Justin Bieber), and the return of many actors from previous films including Michelle Rodriguez, Sofía Vergara, and Lady Gaga. Fans have been waiting for the Machete space adventure for five years now, and Trejo has an update for them.

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Trejo gave this update during an interview with Popcorn Talk Network. When asked about when fans will be seeing Machete 3, Trejo commented, "Machete Kills in Space, yeah, uh, Robert's, Robert's doing, you know, working on, working on it, it's gonna be, when that comes out, it's gonna just be, just unbelievably crazy...I would say that, uh, Robert has his own timetable for doing stuff. I know he's working on a big movie right now [Alita: Battle Angel]".

Danny Trejo in Machete

While Trejo sort of avoided the question on when exactly the film will be released, it's reassuring that the actor still believes the film will happen. To be fair, Rodriguez has been staying busy promoting Alita: Battle Angel, which finished filming earlier in 2017. Rodriguez has hinted at Alita: Battle Angel sequels, and is also rumored to be directing a remake of Escape from New York, but Rodriguez could surely make time to work on Machete Kills Again... In Space. 

The first Machete was generally well received, with people praising the film for its outrageous and often purposefully cheesy action sequences. The second film on the other hand received mostly negative reviews, which is possibly why fans still haven't seen Machete Kills Again... In SpaceThat being said, with the current popularity of the Star Wars films, now could be the perfect time for a ridiculous space adventure spoof.

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Source: Popcorn Talk Network

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