MacGyver Taking MacGruber to Court?

Latino Review has nabbed an exclusive that claims MacGyver is going to take MacGruber to court. Now, some of you might be having the obvious reaction of "Dude, they've been running MacGruber sketches on SNL for like...a hundred (unfunny) years. Why a lawsuit now?"

On the surface it might seem like a money-grab scheme now that MacGruber is going to the movies - however, according to Latino Review's source (and some legal research) there is a fine line of parody rights that MacGruber may have crossed by making the jump to the big screen. Here is the breakdown of the situation as per "Pinche Taco" Latino Review's inside informant:

You see, the laws of Parody are extremely strict.  You can do a 5 page mockery of the Fantastic Four in MAD MAGAZINE ( I always loved their movie parodies!).  You can do a 4 minute sketch mocking It’s A Wonderful Life on SNL or MadTv.  But it is a limited right, chicos!  You can’t suddenly do a comic called The Fantastical Four and not get sued blind by Marvel.

So there’s this rich guy named Lee Zlotoff...He created MacGyver and is working on the film at New Line Cinema.  And he is in the wings I hear tell with the Madre of all lawsuits. Not just to shut the film down and save us from this cinematic hell.  No.  He’s looking at [the studio] for dolares.  Mucho Dolares.  And it seems likely that he would get it too. Again, think about it- otherwise I could make the YAWNING- Y MEN about some bored mutants without pissing Fox off.  And of course I can’t.

Pinche Taco has a lot more info to share about the situation but you'll have to read it over at Latino Review.

I don't know who to roll my eyes at first in this situation. On the one hand, if this is indeed the state of affairs, I want to look at SNL producer Lorne Michaels (who is making this MacGruber flick happen) like "Bro, didn't you CYA before you jumped into this?" However, I also want to tell Lee Zlotoff to pipe down and let this MacGruber movie play out.

After all, let's face it: MacGyver hasn't been relevant as anything other than fodder for parody or an occasional Simpsons reference for over a decade now. You want to move some DVDs, get yourself a new syndication deal or - the golden goose - a series reboot, Mr. Zlotoff? Then maybe you should consider letting this film spoof your character back into limelight. I'm sure there are plenty of kids who would love to meet Mr. MacGyver again for the very first time.

On the other hand, even though the MacGruber trailer was slightly better than terrible, it still might not be a bad thing to let this movie vanish into legality  - before any more irrepairable damage is done to Val Kilmer's career.

What do you think? Should MacGyver take MacGruber to court? Or leave him alone and try to reap some back-end benefits?

Source: Latino Review

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