MacGyver Film Recruits a Writer

macgyver movie on the way

Now that the comedy caper MacGruber has opened (to mixed reviews) it would appear that New Line has decided to de-mothball the film's 80s television show inspiration  MacGyver - and bring it to the big screen (with a contemporary spin).

The studio has hired writer Jason Richman to pen a script for the MacGyver film - increasing the likelihood we'll see a modern adaptation of the 80s icon.

For those who weren’t around in the 80s,  MacGyver starred Stargate’s Richard Dean Anderson (to me he’ll always be MacGyver) as the titular secret agent who used his quick wits and anything within arms reach to get him out of danger. If he was locked in a room, surrounded by bad guys with nothing but a toothpick, a sausage, and a piece of string - he’d find a way out.

MacGyver was like a one man A-Team, with a dash of Indiana Jones and James Bond thrown in for good measure. The show ran from 1985-1992 - with a few spin-off television movies produced as well.

richard dean anderson as macgyver
Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver

Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver

Richman’s past credits include work on Rush Hour 3, the action comedy Bad Company (the only time I've ever fallen asleep in a theater) and worked on a draft of Beverly Hills Cop 4 – but hasn’t everybody written a draft of that?

MacGyver will be produced by the creator of the series Lee Zlotoff (who still plans to take MacGruber to court) and Raffaella De Laurentiis. Judging by Richman's previous credits, and Zlotoff serving as a producer, it seems that New Line intends to take MacGyver down the action route - but expect deviations with a hint of comedy.

With MacGruber already in theaters they can’t exactly go for parody - or can they?

Would you pay to go see a contemporary MacGyver film? Who should play the iconic hero?

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Source: THR

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