The 10 Craziest Things MacGyver Has Ever Done

MacGyver went from being a successful TV show to being a part of everyday vernacular thanks to its ridiculously resourceful main character. MacGyver was a one-man army who could use any piece of hardware lying around to make the most improbable inventions to save the day.

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Starting the series working for the government before switching to a research foundation, MacGyver frequently found himself caught up in dangerous situations. Having sworn never to use firearms after a childhood accident, he still found a way to save the day with a mixture of quick-thinking and ingenuity that would make Tony Stark gasp. Here are his 10 craziest solutions to the problems he faced on the show!

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10 The Self-Starting Machine Gun

Right in the pilot episode, MacGyver gave viewers a glimpse of what to expect from his unique brand of problem-solving when he fashioned a machine gun rig out of some string, a box of matches, and a cord so the machine gun would start firing on its own after a certain amount of time.

What makes this scene even cooler is that it was referenced (intentionally or not) in the final episode of Breaking Bad, where Walter White created a similar setup for an assault rifle while taking on the white supremacists who had captured Jesse Pinkman.

9 A Zipline With An Automatic Return Feature

One time - in Season 1's "The Prodigal" - MacGyver is trapped in an attic while thugs try to break through the door to get to them. Happening to find some cleaning fluid, a telescope, mothballs, rope, a pulley, and handlebars, MacGyver quickly fashions a harpoon zipline to shoot through the window at a tree as a way to get out of the attic.

Never mind the fact that all that stuff just happened to be lying around the attic, what really takes the cake is the fact that after his friend slides out of the window, the handles on the zip line instantly return back to MacGyver, like a much less impressive version of the enchanted hammer of Thor.

8 Multi-Purpose Map

In the hands of an ordinary man, a map is simply a means of finding a location. Alas, MacGyver is no ordinary man. In one episode, Mac was given access to a map, and he decided he was going to use the heck out of that map! He started by turning it into a pea-shooter to pick up a few clothes hanging out on a line

MacGyver then hid a steel bar inside the map and used it to take out a guard who was probably too distracted laughing about the pea-shooter incident to defend himself. Finally, MacGyver fashioned the map into a sled and made his escape sand surfing over dunes out of that lair.

7 The Long Bomb Setup

During one case, MacGyver was being chased by a bad guy, and he had to think quickly on his feet to save himself. For MacGyver, that meant finding a rubber glove in a toilet bowl factory, attaching the glove to an open gas line, and hanging a light bulb over it. The rubber inflated with gas, and Mac threw toilet bowl shards at the bulb until it broke, igniting the gas inside the glove and causing an explosion.

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The best part was how deliberately slow the villain was in getting to MacGyver, preferring a leisurely stroll and giving his opponent plenty of time to set up his convoluted bomb.

6 DIY Arc Welder

The piston con-rod on a water pump is broken. But where ordinary people see a reason to flip through the yellow pages to call a mechanic, MacGyver sees another opportunity to come up with a ridiculous, on-the-spot invention. In this instance, that meant rooting around the area until he found a generator, a pair of jumper cables and two half-dollars to create an arc-welder to weld the con-rod.

This was one of the best examples of the ridiculously specific problems that MacGyver regularly found himself in and the specific items that just happened to be lying around nearby for him to build his ridiculously specific solutions. MacGyver's superpower is lucky breaks.

5 Who Needs An Actual Defribillator?

Most people who are handy with tools still prefer to use the actual medically-certified devices when dealing with a life-threatening situation. MacGyver is not most people. All he needs is candlesticks, a microphone cord, and a rubber mat. With these items, MacGyver is all set to help his friend (Craig) who is suffering a heart attack.

In case you're wondering, MacGyver took the mic wire, attached it to the metal candlesticks, wrapped the mat around them to avoid electrocution, and then jammed the makeshift defibrillator into his friend's chest. Yes, somehow that actually worked.

4 Super Strength Comes With The Territory

With the previous entries on this list, the contraptions might be ludicrous, but you could reasonably imagine a regular human being able to use them on the fly. Then, one time MacGyver stretched bed springs attached to pipes next to a door.

He then used this made-on-the-fly catapult to launch a bed frame through the door at the bad guys. Try to imagine the amount of strength it would take to launch something so heavy with enough force to have any sort of effect on the villains.

3 MacGyver Will Catch Your Filthy Lies

Not satisfied with making defibrillators that seem more likely to murder a patient than save him, MacGyver also looked at the lie-detector machine used by the police and thought, 'Who needs this overcomplicated shit?'

Instead, while on a train looking for a poisoner, he used a blood pressure cuff and an alarm clock to fashion a lie-detector kit that would make the alarm go off if someone lied.

2 His Inventions Will Put You In A Trance

In the episode "The Enemy Within," MacGyver manages to invent a hypnosis machine. We use the term 'invented' because no one else in the history of the world has managed to accomplish quite as much. However, MacGyver could, using only everyday parts found lying around at a science fair.

So not only did he invent paradigm-shifting mind-control magic, but he did it in one afternoon using stuff used by scientists who clearly have no idea their machines can be used to control human beings. Why is MacGyver still working for the government when clearly he should be taking over the world as the new king-dictator?

1 Of Course, MacGyver Can Fly

MacGyver has already conquered explosions, death, and the very laws of physics itself with his handy bunch of everyday objects. The only thing remaining to conquer is the sky, and he did so by making a hang glider out of a fallen satellite, a parachute, and duct tape. Furthermore, it flew perfectly.

What this really goes to show is that the hang glider companies have been screwing us this whole time, claiming to spend millions on research to build the perfect glider instead of, you know, duct-taping that sh*t together using canvas tents and the metal frames from old bicycles.

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