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The upcoming Saturday Night Live spin-off film, MacGruber, looks better every day - and now we've got a new trailer and poster to help fuel your excitement for the May 21st release. With every released image or clip, the anticipation continues to rise. What started as another eye-rolling SNL crossover film is looking like the potential comedy sleeper hit of the summer.

Will Forte's recurring character from the live sketch comedy show was always one of the bright spots in what many considered a weak decade for SNL. Look a little closer and many of the skits are perfect for the transition into film.

But considering that the premise is a parody of an already established television hero, MacGyver, this movie has a chance to resonate with more than just SNL fans. That is, unless the creators of MacGyver can ban MacGruber from theaters.

Let's kick things off with a look at the new poster for MacGruber from Empire. Ironically, it follows the exact same focus as the recent Empire covers for The Expendables and The A-Team. They are putting that stock explosion background to good use. What's great is the poster honors the brilliant Kristin Wiig and sports Ryan Phillippe with a weapon that says, "I'm not to be [messed] with." And how many times have you said that about Ryan Phillippe?

MacGruber cast interviews

As great as the poster is, nothing tops the MacGruber trailers. Just catching a glimpse of MacGruber in action keeps me laughing. But it is Val Kilmer's moments that put this film near the top of my list. If you've seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, he seems like a reincarnation of his own character from that film, but with a more villainous intention.

The latest trailer grabs what seems like a thousand reviews (actually only two or three) of critics praising it in every way, even calling it "the best SNL movie since Wayne's World."

MacGruber seems just dirty enough to please modern comedy crowds and just nostalgic enough for the MacGyver fans. But what is great is it looks like its own movie and totally self-contained. This may all be thanks to the originality of Val Kilmer's humorous villain. Or maybe it's all Kristen Wiig ;-).

For an HD version head over to Yahoo.

The new trailer is almost non-stop funny and takes a huge step forward from the last one. The initial trailer seemed to promote the fact that many WWE stars have found their way into the film. You may remember when we mentioned how this has failed to create enjoyable films on numerous occasions.

On the bright side, they are simply supporting the humor. By not taking it so seriously, the implementation of wrestlers in MacGruber may be funny, rather than frustrating.

The key to success for MacGruber may be the way screen time is dispersed, instead of just focusing on the main character. That is the problem with many SNL films in my opinion, where a gag that works for five minutes is stretched to 90 minutes, and loses steam fairly quickly. By giving other characters real roles to fill, you can actually make a well-rounded comedy with a story to follow.

MacGruber SNL skit movie

The general bias towards assuming a movie will be bad simply because it stems from an SNL skit may finally be over - if MacGruber is a hit. After years of shoving awful comedies down the entertainment industry's throat, it seems like the mini-sabbatical SNL took could pay off. Maybe they've just become more selective as to what gets put onto the silver screen.

The more footage shown, the more the movie looks like a promising escape into the world of action humor. While movies like The Expendables or The A-Team will be action-heavy with comedic relief, this looks to go the other way.

Are you excited for the movie or does it look like just another SNL flop? What is your favorite SNL skit-turned-movie? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

MacGruber releases in theaters May 21st, 2010.

Source: Empire Online and Yahoo! Movies

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