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Adding to the red and green band trailers for the upcoming action-comedy MacGruber, we now have a second red band trailer for you to (maybe) enjoy.

MacGruber is the feature-length version of the popular Saturday Night Live character/sketch of the same name. Will Forte, who plays the titular bumbling ex-special operative, is starring in the film version. Along with Forte, the film sports an impressive supporting cast - some reprising their roles from the SNL sketch, whilst others are new to the fold.

The film co-stars Kristin Wiig as MacGruber's assistant, Vicki St. Elmo; Ryan Phillippe as Lt. Dixon Piper; Val Kilmer (yes, that Val Kilmer) as Dieter Von Cunth (wow, how did they get away with that one?); and Maya Rudolph (Away We Go) as Casey, MacGruber's former assistant before Vicki. The film's plot involves MacGruber being called back into action to try and stop a villainous arms dealer (Kilmer) who is in possession of a nuclear warhead and plans on destroying Washington D.C.

A perfectly over-the-top plot for an action-comedy spoof, I think you'll agree.

Without further ado, here's the second red band trailer for MacGruber, thanks to MSN (it goes without saying it's NSFW):

I have to say for someone who isn't familiar with the MacGruber character from the SNL sketch (I'm from the UK, we don't have the show here), I found that trailer to be frickin' hilarious. The previous red band trailer had some of the better jokes, but I'm definitely digging the profane adult humor. I know that sort of thing doesn't appeal to some people, though, and I don't always like it (often it's just there for novelty without actually being funny) but it works here, in my opinion.

We haven't had many action comedy spoofs as of late (the awesome Black Dynamite is about the closest thing, I believe) and I very much welcome MacGruber. Man, that wire scene from the trailer is still cracking me up...

What do you think of the latest (red band) trailer for MacGruber? Do you think it looks as funny as I do?

MacGruber makes its way into theaters on May 21st, 2010.

Source: MSN (via Coming Soon)

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