'MacGruber' Sequel in the Works?

Macgruber movie sequel

Dating back to 1980s with The Blues BrothersSaturday Night Live has proven itself a source of potential big-screen spinoffs. Most notably, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey brought their Wayne’s World shtick to theaters in 1992, grossing more than $120 million domestically. However, of the numerous attempts to transition SNL characters from sketch to screen, only those two aforementioned films proved successful enough to warrant sequels.

So, when Will Forte’s long-running MacGyver parody, MacGruber, unsuccessfully made the leap to film in 2010, there was reason to think we’d seen the last of the character, especially given that Forte left the SNL cast the same year. While the film failed to recoup its $10 million budget during its theatrical run, it appears that MacGruber’s creators have tentative plans to resurrect the dimwitted secret agent.

In an interview with Screen Crush, the film’s director, Jorma Taccone, said that he, Forte and co-writer John Solomon have been discussing ideas for a sequel - for which they would again collaborate on the script. Taccone – who doubles as one-third of comedy musical trio The Lonely Island – declined to reveal specific plot points or even a full title. He would only say that MacGruber and Vicki St. Elmo (Kristen Wiig) would not yet become parents and that the film would be set at Christmas time, a la Die Hard. The question also remains if Wiig would even return, considering that she famously passed on a sequel to Bridesmaids.

Aside from MacGruber, Forte’s only starring role up to this point has been alongside Will Arnett – husband of former SNL cast member and current Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler – in the critically-loathed comedy (and box office flop), The Brothers Solomon. He’ll soon get another chance to prove himself this summer, as Forte has roles in That’s My Boy, Rock of Ages and the newly re-titled, The Watch.

Seeing as Forte isn’t exactly a proven box office draw, the chance of a second MacGruber adventure is probably slim right now. But if the film has enough of a cult following (even our own Kofi Outlaw enjoyed it), all hope is not lost. After all, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery didn’t really catch on until its home video release and went on to spawn two sequels, an in-development stage musical and (possibly) a fourth film.

We’ll keep you posted on the possibility of MacGruber 2 as this story develops.

In the meantime, do you think MacGruber deserves another shot at the big screen?

Source: Screen Crush

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