Macaulay Culkin Uses Home Alone Tactics in Wrestling Match

Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin took to the ring during a recent pro wrestling event, and used Home Alone-style tricks to get the victory. Culkin is far from the only celebrity wrestling fan to decide to actually get in the ring, although it's rare to see said celebrity actually dive off of the top rope. Usually, celebrity guests are there to either be threatened with harm - only to be saved by a fan favorite wrestler - or hit a quick knockdown shot, thus humiliating a hated heel. A quick example of that second type is Mickey Rourke, who punched out Chris Jericho at WrestleMania in 2009.

Of course, sometimes celebrities do indeed mix it up between the ropes, with a recent example being Arrow star Stephen Amell. Amell - a huge wrestling fan - embarked on a social media feud with wrestler Cody Rhodes, who then-performed in WWE as the cosmic character Stardust. This led to a tag team match involving the two at Summerslam 2015, which Amell's team won. In a more ridiculous instance, former Tonight Show host Jay Leno once went hold for hold with wrestling legend Hulk Hogan on a 1998 WCW pay-per-view, which admittedly got them a lot of press at the time.

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At a recent Bar Wrestling event in Los Angeles, Culkin interfered in a match in about the most crowd-pleasing way possible: he turned into Kevin McAllister.The full clip of Culkin's Home Alone-style Christmas brawl can be seen above - via Pro Wrestling Sheet - and is quite the nostalgic treat for fans of the 90s holiday hit.

First, Culkin - clad in a classic "Rowdy" Roddy Piper T-shirt - sent the heels scrambling to stay aloft after dumping marbles into the ring, a tactic he memorably used on Home Alone's "Wet Bandits". The crowd then appreciatively chanted Home Alone, as Culkin soaked up the love. Culkin was then challenged by wrestler Swoggle (formerly WWE's Hornswoggle), and that led to Culkin getting up on the top turnbuckle and hitting Swoggle with the old swinging paint can attack. Culkin finished Swoggle off with a flying splash, which led to Santa Claus getting the pin. Ah, pro wrestling.

Considering all the public strife Culkin has dealt with in the years since he ruled the box office as a child actor, it's nice to see him having fun in front of an adoring crowd, even if that crowd is only a few hundred people at an indie wrestling show. Should Bar Wrestling ever run an event in New York, one assumes a Home Alone 2 homage would serve as Culkin's next guest appearance.

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Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

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