M. Night's The Happening Teaser Trailer Is Super-Creepy

[UPDATE: Ok, it's finally online here.]

Sorry it took a little while to get the teaser trailer for The Happening online, but I was hoping to find a higher resolution version. No luck yet, so here is what's available.

In my last post about this movie I wasn't terribly kind, for reasons you can read for yourself, but I have to admit that this teaser gives off a very effective and extremely creepy vibe. Who knows? Maybe Shyamalan can make up for his, shall we say, less than impressive Lady in the Water and break out of his downward trend with this one.

It's a very effective trailer that starts out creepy and gets even moreso as it moves on.

I'm probably hoping in vain, but now if only the plot of the movie wasn't that the Earth is doing this to protect itself from those nasty, Global Warming™ inducing humans. And no doubt even though this is the story of mass, worldwide suicide it'll get that handy little PG-13 rating.

The Happening opens on Friday the 13th, June 2008.

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