M. Night Shyamalan & Joaquin Phoenix May Reunite For New Movie

M. Night Shyamalan is in talks with Joaquin Phoenix to star in his second thriller from Blumhouse Productions after The Visit.

Joaquin Phoenix in M. Night Shyamalan's The Village

M. Night Shyamalan built his reputation on shocking audiences in the final moments of his films with unforeseen left turns that completely changed the meaning of every scene that came before it. Who can forget their first watch of The Sixth Sense, and being punched in the gut with its final big reveal? Despite making a splash with his first film and its immediate followers, Unbreakable and Signs, Shyamalan has floundered with his more recent offerings, including The Happening, The Last Airbender, and After Earth.

However, a good artist never lets bad reviews get him down. Shyamalan's got a new project arriving in theaters very soon, while the director is also planning to reunite with an actor from his glory days of filmmaking.

The Wrap is reporting that Shyamalan is currently in talks with Joaquin Phoenix for his next directorial project, a thriller scheduled to begin shooting this November in Philadelphia. The as yet untitled production also reteams the director with horror mega-producer Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity, The Purge, etc.), whose Blumhouse Productions also backed Shyamalan’s upcoming The Visit with Universal.

The project will be Phoenix and Shyamalan’s third collaboration, after Signs and The Village released back in the early 2000s. While nothing is yet known about the project, the relationship between the actor and director has been well-established so it’s a safe bet that Phoenix will bring a lot to the table, should this move forward. Shyamalan is having a better year in 2015, with his FOX drama Wayward Pines being generally well-received and some positive early buzz for The Visit (from those who saw it at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con).

M Night Shyamalan set photo

The Visit, as mentioned, was produced by Blum and looks set to kickoff a relationship between the producer and director, should this new project move forward. Blumhouse is behind some of the biggest horror movies of the last few years, including the Insidious and Sinister franchises, so the continuing partnership will hopefully lead to good things - for those wanting to see Shyamalan back on his game, at least.

Between Shyamalan’s imagination and Blum’s producer savvy, there’s a lot to be gained for all parties involved here. After all, Shyamalan could definitely use another hit and Blumhouse has been running close to becoming just another low-budget sequel farm, so the benefits to the partnership are clear. Adding Phoenix into the mix on the director's newest project could be icing on the cake, if all goes well.

We'll keep you posted on development for Shyamalan and Phoenix's new movie. Meanwhile, The Visit opens in U.S. theaters on September 11th, 2015.

Source: The Wrap

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