Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman Almost Cameoed In Batman vs. Two-Face

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman President

The creators of Batman Vs Two-Face revealed that Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman nearly made a cameo appearance in the film. The straight-to-video animated film was Adam West's last role before his death, and is based on West's original, iconic portrayal of Bruce Wayne in the 1960s television show. It's not the only expansion of the DC world that takes place in this retro style, either, as the TV show was given a comic book continuation in 2013, with the Batman '66 series.

The animated feature premiered at NYCC earlier this month, before a digital release a few days later, and received a generally positive reception. Now, the filmmakers behind the project have opened up about the future of Batman '66, and another familiar Justice League face that nearly made it into the film: Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman.

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Co-writer Michael Jelenic revealed that Carter was nearly included in a final scene at the end of the film, where her Wonder Woman would be teamed up with a Batman of the '70s, reports CBR.

Batman vs. Two-Face

"We were talking about doing a [tag] on this movie where he’s teaming up with Lynda Carter at the very end…and we see Adam West in ’77 and he’s aged up a little, and the mansion’s all decorated in the ’77 style...that could be a possibility, but I don’t think it would be a Batman thing."

This references, of course, the Wonder Woman 77 comic series, that does for the live-action Wonder Woman series what Batman 66 did for Adam West's show. Launched in 2015, Wonder Woman 77 picked up where the show left off, and may well be joining DC's animated universe in the future - especially now that this animated version of Batman will be retired out of respect for West.

The filmmakers did not reveal why the '77 tag wasn't added to the film in the end, but it certainly wouldn't be because Carter herself wasn't on board. The actress has continued to work with the DC Universe in recent years, with a cameo appearance on Smallville in 2007, and a few appearances on Supergirl as the alien president of the United States. Presumably, she would be available to pick up as the voice of Wonder Woman if the opportunity arose.

It would have been fantastic to see Carter and West working together, even if just for a single scene of this animated feature, and it's a shame that the cameo didn't end up happening. However, given the current popularity of Wonder Woman as a character, it's likely that she'll be appearing many more times in the DC animated universe - and hopefully, in an animated version of Wonder Woman 77, sometimes soon.

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Batman Vs Two-Face was released on DVD and Blu-ray Oct 17.

Source: CBR

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