Lynda Carter Spotted Near Wonder Woman 2 Filming Location

TV's iconic Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter has been spotted in the same proximity as one of the shooting locations for Gal Gadot superhero sequel Wonder Woman 2. Carter had the distinction of becoming the first live-action incarnation of the DC superhero when she starred in Wonder Woman, which ran on ABC from late 1975 to 1976 before moving over to CBS from 1977 to 1979. And while the series became a classic, it failed to generate any lasting, new live-action adaptations for nearly four decades, until director Patty Jenkins directed the worldwide blockbuster solo film debut of the character in the summer of 2017.

While it's customary for originators of a TV project to appear in some sort of cameo for film adaptations, Carter surprisingly did not turn up in last year's Wonder Woman film, yet she vocally supported the film.  She has reportedly indicated in the past, however, that she would be interested in a small role in a Wonder Woman movie, so long as it wasn't gratuitous; and after word surfaced in April that she was in talks to join Wonder Woman 2, fans' dreams of seeing the original, live-action Diana Prince opposite Gadot appear to be getting closer to a reality.

According to Heroic Hollywood, Carter was spotted in Washington, D.C., Monday, one of the locations where Wonder Woman 2 will be going before the lenses. Her presence in the city was confirmed in a tweet by the Washington Capitals, where she was attending the team's Stanley Cup home playoff game against Las Vegas Golden Knights. The jaunt to the game wasn't far for Carter, however, given that she lives in nearby Potomac, Maryland. In addition to Washington, D.C., Wonder Woman 2 is expected to shoot in another close location, Alexandria, Virginia.

Lynda Carter headshot superimposed over an image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Naturally, a Carter sighting in the same area of a Wonder Woman production is going to stir up talk, but since Carter lives so close, it's easy to write off her appearance — especially since it was at a marquee sports event — to sheer coincidence. On the flip side, it only makes sense that she could be readying herself to join the production, especially given her recent talks with Jenkins and the director's wish to cast her in some capacity in the sequel.

With her appearance in Wonder Woman 2 all but a foregone conclusion, the next question will be just how Jenkins will utilize Carter in the film. After so much build-up, it would be silly for the filmmaker to merely have the TV icon do a walk-through cameo; and in a perfect world, it would be nice to see the esteemed actor take on a meaningful role in the film.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood

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