Luther Two-Part Special Trailer: Back from the Brink

After two years, the wait for more Luther is almost over. Despite multiple delays, a new special featuring Idris Elba's Detective Chief Inspector John Luther is almost here.

BBC One has released a trailer for the special, giving fans a taste of what they can expect. The special will air in two parts in the UK, while BBC America has announced it as a single extended-length episode that will air a few days later.

The new Luther trailer gives us a one-minute glimpse into the events of the special, hinting at not only the search for the special's villain but also the struggles within Luther himself. The trailer shows off a few sequences including what appears to be an explosion, as well as a few tense moments in pursuit of the cannibalistic killer that is evading the police. The special will bring DCI Luther back from the solitude of a self-imposed exile, and the trailer assures us that his usual intensity won't be reduced by the time he spent away.

Though divided into two parts, the special will feature a single narrative that plays out like a two-hour movie. Rumors continue to circle about the possibility of an eventual Luther film, with Elba recently commenting that "We would love to get a film off the ground but it takes time, and it’s really about when Neil and I are ready to pull that off."

Luther Two-Part Special Idris Elba

A synopsis of the special reveals that Luther will be "pushed closer to the edge than he's ever been," facing not only the twisted serial killer that drew him out of his solitude but also the ghosts of his own past. Given the intensity of Luther's previous adventures, this suggests that the new special will follow somewhat of a natural progression for our protagonist, driving him deeper into the darkness as his attempts to find peace are thwarted. This was driven home at the end of the trailer with a simple exchange:

"Are you scared of me?"


"You should be."

While some fans still want a new full season of Luther, the special looks like it will more than meet the needs of the Luther faithful for now. Unfortunately, like such other popular BBC shows as Sherlock, it remains to be seen if there will be more of Luther after the special or if fans will have another two-year wait on their hands.

The first episode of the Luther two-part special will premiere on BBC One on December 15th, while the combined single-episode special will debut on BBC America on December 17th.

Source: BBC One

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